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My Dad & me in Sydney (1984)

Till It’s Gone

My Dad passed away on the 9th of September 2009: 9/9/09. I’ll never forget that date. My Dad meant the world to me when I was a kid. Not only because he was my Dad, he was my inspiration. He worked at the airline and was constantly flying to other parts of Asia, North America, […]

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Travelations: the trip that opened my eyes

I had been working at a Dutch bank for ten years when it was taken over. Months passed before it became clear to me that I needed a break. I was exhausted and I felt jaded. Many aspects of my life had gone into auto-pilot mode and I was just there for the ride. I was […]

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Hike across the Cinque Terre

A world of inspiration: The King of Wanderlust

This is the last edition of the ‘A world of Inspiration‘ series. For twenty straight weeks, this series has featured inspiring stories from some of the most talented travel writers around. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Vera, Tammie, Janice, Nellie, Michael, Liz, Jen, Gloria, Evelyn, Dave & Deb, Chris, Alex, Andy […]

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Coral Island 5

A world of inspiration: Amazing Thailand, Amazing People

This week’s edition of ‘A world of inspiration‘ was written by Honor Dargan, who is a British expat in Japan. Honor was in Phuket, Thailand, on that fateful day in 2004 when more than 200,000 lives were lost after a massive tsunami swept across the Indian Ocean and the Andaman Sea. She shares with us […]

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Splash of Colour

A world of inspiration: A Patchwork Quilt

This week’s ‘A world of inspiration‘ is brought to you by Amanda van Mulligen, a British expat in the Netherlands. Amanda shares with us a lovely narrative about the colourful people she’s met as an expat in the Netherlands, and how these people have inspired her in many ways. A Patchwork Quilt Walking up the […]

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Courtesy of Cory Haugen

A world of inspiration: A Confident Smile

This week’s edition of ‘A world of inspiration‘ is brought to you by JoAnna Haugen who is based in Las Vegas. JoAnna’s story is a special tribute to us travellers who roam the world seeking inspiration and finding it in our fellow travellers! A Confident Smile Cusco’s pale orange streetlights cast eerie shadows across the […]

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Paris 052

A world of inspiration: The Hospitable Parisien

This week’s edition of ‘A world of inspiration‘ is brought to you by Ashley Bruckbauer who is from Dallas, Texas. Ashley is a recent college graduate who is specialised in Art History. Ashley shares with us a wonderful encounter with hospitable Parisiens (yes, they do exist!) on her first solo trip to this enchanting city. […]

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A world of inspiration: Ghosts of the Past

This week’s edition of ‘A world of inspiration‘ is brought to you by Andy Jarosz who lives in England. Andy shares with us a story about his journey with his mother to the Ukraine, her birth place. It is a poignant story about the painful memories from Europe’s darkest period and a humble ode to […]

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A world of inspiration: A Lesson in Humanity from a Thai Ladyboy

‘A world of inspiration‘ enters its 14th week with this wonderful article by Dan Haneveer who hails from Tasmania, Australia. One element of this series that I particularly love is its diversity; featuring people from different backgrounds in various countries around the world. Dan’s article is a precious lesson in diversity and acceptance. It accentuates the […]

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Chum Mey (courtesy of Andy Eames, SMH)

A world of inspiration: A Survivor

This week’s edition of ‘A world of inspiration‘ is brought to you by Andy Hayes who is based in Scotland. Andy shares with us a brilliant account of his travels through Cambodia, his experiences there and the tragic yet inspirational life story of a Cambodian he had the privilege of meeting. A Survivor Capital Crimes […]

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