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Purchase travel souvenirs, featuring the best Velvet Escape travel photos on a variety of products, from fridge magnets to mugs, coasters and t-shirts. Continue scrolling to check out some of my favourite travel accessories and a variety of unique gift ideas for travellers.

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Travel accessories and gift ideas

Noise-cancelling headphones

My favourite noise-cancelling headphones feature superb sound and noise-cancelling, and allows you to talk to someone without taking off your headphones.

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Travel pillow

A travel pillow I always carry with me on Economy long-haul flights. Read my review

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Travel luggage

My go-to brand for travel luggage is Samsonite, in particular the soft-shell (expandable) line.

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Toiletry bag

A spacious toiletry case made of beautiful, soft leather.

And if, like me, you prefer to travel with hand luggage only, this transparent toiletry bag is very handy at airport security checks!

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Travel adapter

This adapter, with 4 sizes of sockets and 4 USB sockets, works in 160 countries.

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Portable charger

This compact portable charger has enough power to recharge a phone twice or a single full recharge for a tablet.

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Data blocker

Charge your phone or electrical devices in public places without the worry of your data being illegally tapped.

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This top-notch Canon Digital SLR camera comes with various lenses and a bundle of accessories.

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Hiking boots (men)

I’ve worn Timberland hiking boots for years and they’re just as sturdy and reliable as ever.

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Hiking boots (women)

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Stay in shape

Ever since I bought my first set of elastic bands, they’ve become my ‘home gym’! I also take them with me when I travel for daily 15-minute workouts in my hotel room.

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3D Wood World Map Wall Art

These wood world maps come in different colours (i.e. types of wood) and are a perfect gift for geography buffs and travellers. They also look great on a wall!

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Lego Skylines

These Lego Skyline Architecture sets are perfect for the travel-loving, architecture-crazy Lego enthusiasts. Choose from a variety of city skylines such as London, Paris, New York, Dubai or San Francisco.

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Geography encylopedia

DK has been my favourite geographic encyclopedia since my childhood. I received one as a gift when I was a kid and I was hooked ever since.

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SecrID card wallet

I never leave home without my SecrID wallet. It keeps my cards secure and I love the leather (available in various colours).

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Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This small speaker is easy to carry around. I also love the handy clip and the fact that it’s waterproof (perfect for by the pool, on the beach or on a sailboat).

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The Amazon Fire HD10 tablet is the perfect travel companion! It’s 10-inch HD screen is perfect for watching your favourite movies and series while on the road. The ad-supported (or Special Offers) version displays ads on the lockscreen. The version that doesn’t serve up ads is a bit pricier.

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Tablet/Phone holder

This FlexFlap comes flat and you can mold it into a desired shape to hold any type of phone or tablet while you sit back. Created by a flight attendant, this holder bends easily yet is strong enough to retain its shape and steadily carry your device.

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