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Mercado de San Miguel

One big happy Mercado

“Crisis? In Mercado de San Miguel, the crisis is far, far away”. I smiled. I knew exactly what she meant. I stood there, at the seafood tapas bar with my new friends, two Madrileñas. We clutched glasses of vino in our hands and we’d emptied two plates of spicy mussels. I looked around and she […]

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Ten things to do in Madrid

Madrid, the capital of Spain and the country’s largest city, is one of my favourite European capitals. With its grand architecture, majestic palaces, stunning museums and broad tree-lined avenues, it ranks right up amongst Europe’s great capitals like Paris and Vienna, at least in my book. What distinguishes Madrid from the other European capitals is […]

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Lesser known museums in Madrid

A guest post by Beth Davidson. Outside the Golden Triangle – Madrid’s Lesser Known Museums The Golden Triangle. The central art hub of Madrid. The Prado, the Reina Sofia, the Thyssen. These three museums contain a considerable amount of Madrid’s culture and, displaying works by the likes of Picasso, Goya, Miro, and Van Gogh, is […]

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