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A festive holiday in Morocco

Morocco is a land of endless beaches, atmospheric towns with age-old alleys and colourful souks, imposing snow-capped mountains and expansive deserts. It truly is one of those timeless destinations, drenched in every exotic image your mind can conjure, and before you know it, you’ll be caught in its bewitching spell. Many visitors to Morocco come […]

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Busy Marrakech!

Exotic chic in Marrakech

As I stepped out of Marrakech’s beautiful airport terminal, I felt pangs of excitement. I’d always wanted to visit this famous Moroccan city. The name itself conjures exotic images of age-old alleys, crowded squares with camels, snake-charmers and carpet sellers, and colourful souks. Those images were soon very real. As I strolled through the Medina […]

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King Hussain Mosque - image courtesy of Laura

A taste of glamour in Casablanca

Casablanca – the mere mention of this cosmopolitan city’s name and your mind probably conjures images of the glamorous Lauren Bacall and stoic Humphrey Bogart standing on an airport runway or standing by the bar as Sam plays it again. Casablanca may have come a long way since the days of Bogey and Bacall, but […]

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Trekking with nomadic Berbers in Morocco

This is a guest series called “Unforgettable Travel Moments“. We all have our special travel moments: a memorable meal, meeting someone, an embarrassing faux pas or simply being awestruck by scenery. With this new series, I hope to uncover the moments, the anecdotes and the tales which make travel special. This week’s guest post and […]

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