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Velvet Moments: travel photo – ferocious Toronto

The best place to enjoy a panoramic view of the Toronto skyline is simply to take the Centre Island ferry to the Toronto Islands. The islands are perfect for a quiet stroll, jog or bike-ride. When I was on the islands recently, dark storm clouds gathered over Toronto, creating a ferocious-looking skyline! Good thing they […]

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Luxury is in the details

I recently had a conversation with several fellow bloggers about what distinguishes a luxury hotel from its peers. We exchanged notes about our stays in hotels and resorts around the world and we quickly concluded that it’s the small touches and the attentiveness of the staff that make the difference. There was a time when […]

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A Shangri-La in downtown Toronto

Definition Shangri-La: 1. An imaginary remote paradise on earth; utopia. 2. any place of complete bliss, delight and peace (source: online dictionary) The Shangri-La Hotel Toronto is nether imaginary nor remote. On the contrary, housed in a stunning skyscraper, it enjoys a grand location on University Avenue in downtown Toronto within a stone’s throw of […]

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A forest of glass and steel

It was one of the first things I asked when I arrived in Toronto: where is the name ‘Toronto’ derived from? A quick Google search – gee, why didn’t I think of that? – revealed that the name Toronto, a derivative of the word ‘tkaronto’, was first used by the Iroquois (a tribe that used […]

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Moments of luxury in Toronto

What is luxury travel? To me, more importantly than travelling like I’d just won the national lottery, luxury travel is all about the moments of beauty and indulgence. With this in mind, I set out on my latest mission with three other bloggers to discover Toronto’s luxury side. What we found was a city in the […]

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Art Gallery of Toronto

My velvet escape travel tip: Toronto

I’m very excited to launch the first post (of hopefully many!) of the brand new series: “My velvet escape travel tip“. This series is about what the name ‘Velvet Escape’ evokes and what that would be in the hometown of the guest writer. I’ve invited several blogger friends to kick-start this series. With this series, […]

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