The iconic Vespa

The Vespa is without doubt the most iconic scooter around. Since the 1950’s, it has appeared in a countless number of movies, music videos and commercials, creating an almost mythical aura. I always wondered what it was that made the Vespa so appealing. Brilliantly executed marketing strategies obviously played a significant role in creating an aura of romance and reliability, but there’s something about this scooter that always grabs my attention… and I’m not talking about the noise it makes. Its instantly recognisable design perhaps or the way Italians sit so elegantly on its leather seat? One thing is certain: when I see the Vespa buzzing down a street anywhere in the world, I think of Italy.

Museo Piaggio

A visit to the Museo Piaggio (Piaggo Museum) in Pontedera, about 20km east of Pisa, provides unique insights into the history of the Vespa. As visitors enter the museum, the first thing they’ll see is not a Vespa, but rather a train! Not many people know this but before the first Vespa was ever made, the Piaggio company specialised in designing the interiors of trains. They later branched out into ship-building and aviation before finally finding the magic formula in the shape of the Vespa in the late-1940’s.

A gallery exhibiting old documents and photos trace the fascinating history of the Piaggio company and the creation of the first Vespa. A passage through an art gallery then leads visitors to the central hall where Vespas in all shapes, sizes and colours are showcased. In the corner of the central hall, visitors can watch the history of the Vespa in movies – an excellent documentary which I recommend taking the time to watch. Please scroll down for a photo essay of this very cool museum.

If you’re visiting Tuscany and you’re in the vicinity of Pisa, I highly recommend checking out the Piaggio Museum. The Vespa scooters are the main attraction but there are many elements which piqued my interest such as the history of Italian design and innovation, clever marketing techniques used to promote the Vespa both in movies and in print, and the contemporary art exhibition. Even if you’re not interested in motorbikes or scooters, the museum makes for a more than worthwhile visit.

Note: my visit to the Piaggio Museum was part of the “Like a Local Between Pisa & Lucca” blogtrip organised and hosted by Casa Gentili and Avventurosa.



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6 Responses to “The iconic Vespa”

  1. Elena Maccone 15/04/2013 1:36 pm

    Piaggio is an important part of our culture and history and Vespa is a scooter loved from any generation in Italy. There’s even a very famous pop song “Vespa Special” dedicated to Vespa. Enjoy it!

  2. Daisy 15/04/2013 1:26 pm

    Cool post – enjoyed reading about the museum and history.

    But I have to add, there’s always room for luggage! We got two people, a tent, sleeping bags camping equipment, and clothes for two weeks on our Vespa in Italy last year. Check a pic here:

  3. Paul 06/02/2013 1:20 pm

    Such a beautiful, timeless design. If I had one in my life, I don’t think I’d really get much use out of it, but still I want one just because they are so beautiful. Thanks for the post 🙂

  4. Raquel Segura 13/08/2011 7:05 pm

    Next time I’m in Italy I definitely have to visit. I love my Vespa… She was the best and most satisfying purchase I ever made!!!!

  5. velvet 25/05/2011 1:13 pm

    Hahaha! Nope, no space for the luggage, maybe just you. 😉

  6. Ciki 25/05/2011 1:12 pm

    Love the Vespa. Hubby is considering junking the car and getting one.. i keep asking him where he will put his luggage though.. haha

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