The Tirol Zugspitz Arena, located in the Ausserfern region in western Austria, is a stunning valley bordered on all sides by the imposing peaks of the Tirolean Alps. Popular as a winter destination, Zugspitz Arena also offers visitors a multitude of things to do in the summer. During this time of the year, the meadows are flush with gorgeous blooms and the tranquil forested slopes are perfect for a leisurely hike.

The Tirol Zugspitz Arena region (map) comprises several charming towns including Ehrwald, Lermoos and Biberwier at the foot of the mighty Zugspitze. Made famous in the first James Bond movie, Zugspitze stands tall at 2,952m, and is equally well-known as Germany’s highest mountain (though half the mountain is in Austrian territory). Here are some ideas of summer activities in Zugspitz Arena that will guarantee action, adventure, some thrills and lots of majestic mountain scenery!

things to do in zugspitz arena tirol photo
Cows grazing in the fields with the Zugspitze mountain (the highest mountain in Germany) in the background.

Things to do in Zugspitz Arena in the summer

Skiing is the name of the game in the winter but in the summer, visitors can go hiking, mountain-biking, toboganning, rock-climbing, paragliding, abseiling, even… scuba diving! Imagine that: scuba diving in the Alps! Visitors can also hike to the lakes for a refreshing swim, go for a round of golf, indulge in a spa treatment or sit back at one of the many cafés and restaurants and take in the breathtaking Alpine scenery.

Stunning mountain scenery in the Tirol Zugspitz Arena

Mountain hikes and scuba-diving!

On my recent trip to this area with three blogger friends, we were offered a variety of activities to experience. We opted for a hike through the forests to the beautiful Blind, Weissen and Mittel lakes. The three-hour hike led us past gorgeous meadows, towering fir trees and herds of cows and sheep, each with its own bell slung around its neck. We were never far from a stunning panorama of the surrounding mountains or the extraordinary turquoise lakes.

Views to the mountains through the trees.
The beautiful turquoise Blindsee (lake).

As we walked past the stunning crystal-clear Blindsee, we spotted something that made us stop right there in our tracks: several figures emerging out of the turquoise water in scuba-diving gear. We later found out that the Blindsee is a popular diving spot due to its clear water, ethereal blue hues and its underwater ‘forest’ of trees.

The crystal-clear water of the Blindsee makes it a popular diving spot.
Scuba-diving in the Blindsee high up in the Tirolean Alps.

Ride to the top of Zugspitze, Germany’s highest mountain

Another popular activity is to take the cable-car or the Zugspitzebahn to the top of the Zugspitze, at 2,962m, the highest peak in Germany – the mountain lies at the border of Austria and Germany and you can actually cross the border (as many times as you like) at the café on the peak. This engineering marvel whisks visitors to the top of the mountain in less than ten minutes. The view from the top of the valley below and the other mighty peaks of the Tirolean Alps is simply phenomenal.

Truly an engineering marvel!
The view from the top of the Zugspitze.
The peaks surrounding the Zugspitze.

Rock-climbing and abseiling

We also went rock-climbing and abseiling at the lovely Häselgehr waterfall and ended our little adventure on a zip-line past the waterfall. There are various levels and we went on the easiest. I was happy with that, considering my fear of heights! 🙂

Häselgehr waterfall
Climbing the rock face at the Häselgehr waterfall.

Fun for the whole family

Aside from hiking, cycling, abseiling, scuba-diving and mountain-climbing, there are also many activities which are suitable for the whole family. For instance, you could rent a moped or take the kids tobogganing!

You could take these cool mopeds out for a spin!
Or hop on a toboggan!

Delicious food in Zugspitze

All that action and adventure left us famished! We ended the day with a typical Tyrolean lunch at Gam Salm, a lovely restaurant at the foot of the Zugspitze. It was a stunning day and we tucked into our omelettes topped with bacon and fresh chantarelle mushrooms while enjoying the view of the verdant fields and the impressive Zugspitze. Truly unforgettable!

A delicious omelette with chantaralle mushrooms.
The view of the Zugspitze from Gamsalm.

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Note: A big thank you goes to the Tirol Zugspitz Arena Tourism Board for hosting me and for the gracious hospitality.

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