Penang (map) is a turtle-shaped island located off the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia, about 300km northwest of Kuala Lumpur. Often called the ‘Pearl of the Orient’, Penang is home to George Town, a UNESCO World Heritage listed city, and is famed for its beautiful historic architecture and mouthwatering cuisine. On a recent flight, I had a great plane window view of Penang Island. Almost the entire island was clear to see – including its turtle shape, and the capital George Town.

penang plane window view
A panoramic view of Penang. Notice its turtle shape.
aerial view penang
A view of the east coast of Penang Island, with its international airport. In the upper middle lies George Town, the capital and UNESCO World Heritage site.

Penang is connected to the mainland by two bridges: the 13.5km long Penang Bridge and the Second Penang Bridge (parts of which can be seen in the photo above). The curly bridge seen in the photo below is the Second Penang Bridge opened in 2014. At 24km in length, this bridge is the longest in Southeast Asia.

Second Penang Bridge

With its gorgeous colonial buildings and Peranakan houses, George Town street art, and amazing array of food, Penang really is a must-visit destination in Malaysia! Read about things to do in Penang.

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