Civitella del Tronto walled town abruzzo photo

Civitella del Tronto is a historic fortress town in the northeastern corner of Abruzzo, the Italian region that stretches from the slopes of the Appenine mountains (east of Rome) to the Adriatic Sea (map). This fortress town, with its awe-inspiring walls and panoramic views, is in my opinion one of the loveliest towns to visit in Abruzzo.

The largest fortress in Italy

The 500 meter long Civitella del Tronto fortress, the largest in Italy and the second largest of its kind in Europe after the fortress in Salzburg, is certainly an impressive sight and can be seen from miles away. Strategically located between the Kingdom of Naples and the Papal States, the town played a key role in the political affairs of the Italian peninsula in the 13th – 16th centuries. In the 19th century, the fortress was the scene of the last stand of the Kingdom of Naples against the armies of Garibaldi and Piedmont. The fall of the fortress in 1861 cleared the way for the unification and creation of the Kingdom of Italy.

Civitella del Tronto walled town abruzzo photo
Civitella del Tronto – the walled town in Abruzzo.
civitella tronto walls
The imposing walls of the fortress.

Inside Civitella del Tronto 

These days, Civitella del Tronto is a sleepy town with beautiful houses and quaint cobbled streets. The mighty fortress stands proudly above the town and is now a museum. The views of the verdant hills and the awe-inspiring Gran Sasso mountains from the fortress are absolutely stunning!

Inside the fortress. Join a guided tour to hear about the tempestuous history of Civitella and its fortress
The rooftops of Civitella del Tronto seen from the fortress
The main street in Civitella del Tronto.
Civitella also claims to have the narrowest lane in Italy. I had to walk sideways in some parts! 🙂

Around Civitella del Tronto

Civitella is the perfect base for those wishing to explore the region. With its impressive mountains, expansive forests and picturesque medieval towns, not to mention its gorgeous food and wines (think Montepulciano d’Abruzzo!), there’s lots to do in the province of Teramo. In addition, the Adriatic coast is less than an hour away. I visited two gorgeous towns near Civitella which I can recommend: Campli, close to Civitella and famous for its Holy Staircase (one of two in Italy; the other is its famous twin in Rome) and porchetta (roast pork); and Ascoli Piceno, a medieval town in neighbouring Marche, with a beautiful Renaissance square and ditto churches.

The Holy Staircase in Campli
The Santa Maria Church in Campli
The stunning ceiling in the Santa Maria Church.
The beautiful travertine-paved Piazza del Popolo in Ascoli Piceno.
Inside the breathtaking Cathedral of Ascoli Piceno

You can also drive one of the many scenic routes around the Gran Sasso mountains or hike in the Gran Sasso & Monti della Laga National Park. The mountain views are simply astounding!

Check out my highlights of Abruzzo in photos.

The mighty Gran Sasso peaks in Abruzzo.

Italy wouldn’t be Italy if there was no wine involved! There are various wine routes in the vicinity of Civitella. One of my favourite wineries is the Illuminati Estate. Located in the northeastern corner of Abruzzo, this winery is one of the biggest in the area and the surrounding scenery is simply gorgeous.

Vineyards in Abruzzo
Wine station at the Illuminati estate – bring your own barrel/bottles, fill them up with the wine of your choice and have a party!

Where to stay in Civitella del Tronto

There are several accommodation options in and around Civitella del Tronto but the one I highly recommend is Hotel Zunica 1880. The rooms are very spacious and the ones in the front boast jaw-dropping views of the green valley below and the Gran Sasso mountains. It was a joy to wake up every morning to that stunning panorama!

Hotel Zunica 1880
The view of the verdant hills and snow-capped Gran Sasso mountains from my room window at Hotel Zunica 1880

The hotel also has arguably one of the best fine-dining restaurants in the region, showcasing local Abruzzo specialties and wines. It sure was grand to return to the hotel after a full-day of exploring the area and enjoy a terrific meal.

The classy restaurant at Hotel Zunica 1880

Abruzzo simply blew me away with its unspoilt natural beauty and countless cultural and historical attractions. Add to that its sumptuous cuisine and delicious wines, and the fact that Abruzzo is still relatively off-the-beaten-track, and you have a fine destination just waiting to be discovered! If you do choose to visit Abruzzo, don’t miss the lovely fortress town of Civitella del Tronto.

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