emperor suite empire hotel brunei

On my recent trip to the Southeast Asian Sultanate of Brunei Darussalam, I had the opportunity to stay at the country’s premier resort, the Empire Hotel & Country Club. The hotel is huge and comprises several wings, various restaurants, a stunning lagoon-pool and beautiful views of the South China Sea. During my stay, I was taken on a tour of the hotel and one room grabbed my attention: the Emperor Suite; simply the most opulent, over-the-top suite I’ve ever laid my eyes on! Have a look:

emperor suite empire hotel brunei
The Empire Hotel
The impressive entrance to the Empire Hotel.
The Lobby-Lounge area. Its dimensions are mind-blowing!


Inside the Emperor Suite

The Emperor Suite in the Empire Hotel is a whopping 665 square meters (more than 7,000 square feet) and features a master bedroom, reception, dining, working/meeting and living areas. There’s a private swimming pool and sauna, and a movie theatre – you can watch a movie while sitting in the jacuzzi! The first guest to stay here: President Bill Clinton!

The entrance hallway of the Emperor Suite.
emperor-suite-living room-photo
One of the living areas in the suite.
Oh, and there’s a grand piano of course!
Another opulent living room.
The master bedroom – here’s where President Bill Clinton and many other heads of state have slept.
The amazing indoor pool.
You can sit in the hot-tub and watch a movie!

Fancy a stay in this suite? 🙂

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Note: my trip to Brunei was made possible by Royal Brunei Airlines.

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