blue lagoon iceland

The Blue Lagoon, just outside Reykjavik (map), is one of the most extraordinary spas I’ve ever been to and I can definitely recommend a visit for anyone planning a trip to Iceland. The lagoon consists of a series of aquamarine blue pools (this amazing colour is created by the silica, algae and minerals in the geothermal seawater) that are shrouded in mist and surrounded by a barren, rocky lava landscape. There are several waterfalls and even a geyser and a lava cave (which has been transformed into a unique steam room) around the edges of the lagoon.

blue lagoon iceland
The Blue Lagoon (image courtesy of J. Sheldon).

As you approach the spa, the stark white buildings contrast sharply with the surreal moon-like landscape, seemingly right out of a science fiction movie. The spa has a variety of wellness programmes but it’s fantastic to just soak in the pools, sit under the numerous waterfalls, or grab a handful of the white silica mud from the pool-floor and give yourself a face or bodyscrub. The Blue Lagoon is indeed an enchanting experience!

If you’re flying with one of the Icelandic airlines (North America to Europe or vice-versa) and you’re just stopping over for several hours at Kevlavik airport, it’s possible to book (in advance or on arrival) a quick visit to the Blue Lagoon which isn’t too far away from the airport.


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