Autumn, or fall, is one of my favourite times of the year. It’s a bit of a sad moment for those who crave the warmth of summer, whilst for the winter buffs, it’s an exciting time as the wait for the first snow begins. As for me, I love the autumn specifically because of the stunning colours. It’s always a treat to see the trees and shrubs shed their green in exchange for a multitude of colours, from warm reds to bright orange and crisp yellows. It’s a lovely time of the year to go for long walks in parks or in the forests. The colours and scents make for a simply magical experience. As a tribute to this gorgeous time of the year, I’ve compiled an essay of some of my favourite autumn/fall photos. Enjoy! 🙂

Autumn photos from around the world


Fall colours in the Canadian Rockies. On the left is Mount Robson, Canada’s highest peak.

Read more about my train trip through the Canadian Rockies.

Columbia ground squirrel at Medicine Lake.

Read about my drive from Jasper to Maligne Lake and where I saw this little squirrel!

Patches of fall colours seen from the Jasper Tramway in the Canadian Rockies.

Read more about the the stunning Jasper Tramway.

Fall colours in Toronto

Read more about my moments of luxury in Toronto.


Stunning fall colours around the Ksiaz Castle in Lower Silesia, Poland.

Read more about the Ksiaz Castle.

The Netherlands

Autumns are rather iffy in Amsterdam. It could be very wet and windy but there are also many sunny days when I have the chance to walk around and admire the colours of the trees.

See more photos of the Amsterdam canals.

autumn photos
Opposite the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

Read about an evening walk in Amsterdam.


Dornburg, Germany, in autumn.

Read more about the colourful town of Dornburg, Germany.

Fall colours along the Danube River in Kelheim, Germany.

Read about my Danube River cruise.

Go out and enjoy the fall! I hope my autumn photos inspire you to travel during this beautiful season.

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  • Hi Dan,

    September usually is a great month to travel in Europe as there’s a good chance of great weather. It’s one of my favourite months (along with May), weather-wise. Packing can be tricky as it can be warm during the day and cold at night so my advice is to dress in layers.


  • Hi Keith,

    Thanks for the awesome photos. We are heading to Poland at the end of September and I’m wondering what the normal weather has in-store for us? We now live in Malaysia and surely can’t dress the same way? Haha. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

  • what a great idea to go out for a long walk in the parc! I will do that coming weekend! Not alone off course :-))

  • What a treat Keith! I live in the US, SW and there’s very little sign of Autumn beyond acorns and that beautiful golden tone the sunlight has this time of year.

  • What a glorious tribute to Autumn my friend. Oh how I would love to ride on the Jasper tramway!! Look at those views!!! The Ksiaz Castle in Poland beckons to this castle lover!!

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