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Camping is one of those activities that’s a bit like marmite, you either love it or hate it, but if you’re not a camping fan there’s no need to forever assign it to the ‘bad holiday ideas’ pile. In the past decade, a new trend has arisen: “glamping” or rather, glamorous camping. New glamping resorts are sprouting up around the world, many with luxury tents with more space than a London flat and a chef and butler to boot! Here are five luxury camping resorts in Africa that offer safari and wildlife experiences of a lifetime!

Zambia – Sanctuary Puku Ridge Camp

Luxury camping safaris in Africa

If glamping appeals to you, but you are looking for a more adventurous destination, then consider glamping on an Africa safari holiday. Here are five destinations to see elephants, hippo’s and more from the privacy of your own tent on a luxury safari.


The ultimate luxury safari destination, Botswana has built its tourism industry around exclusivity. A contrast to the wide dry open spaces that many people think of when dreaming of an Africa safari holiday, Botswana’s Okavango Delta offers an amazing view of wildlife across the rich, green floodplains. For the glampers, Sanctuary Stanley’s Camp offers eight private tents situated around a large sitting and dining area, and communal swimming pool. And these are no ordinary tents that take two hours to pitch! With individual ceiling fans to keep you cool and large wooden decks with hammocks to relax in, this camping experience is one like no other.

Botswana – Sanctuary Stanley’s Camp


Home of the mighty Victoria Falls, Zambia is a little known gem for Africa safari holidays as not many people realise that its National Parks also offer amazing wildlife viewing experiences. Glamping is also available here and Sanctuary Puku Ridge is a traditional luxury safari camp with just seven tents in a remote part of the South Luangwa National Park. Featuring more facilities than many homes, the tents offer a glamping experience to add to your list, soothing hot tubs and outdoor showers, a private viewing deck and comfortable double beds from which you might be lucky enough to spot elephants as they make their way to the nearby waterhole.

Zambia – Sanctuary Puku Ridge Camp


A traditional Africa safari holiday; a not so traditional glamping destination. Sanctuary Olonana is an award-winning tented camp in the Masai Mara, one of the best places in the world to see the annual wildebeest migration. This natural spectacle happens on the camp’s doorstep and you may catch glimpses of it from the private verandah of your tent! If you are not at the camp during the time of the migration, do not worry. The wildlife here is plentiful all year round and with the river closeby, you are sure to see and hear a family or two of hippo’s during your evening meal. Inside the tent further luxury awaits with romantic four poster beds.

Kenya – Sanctuary Olonana


When your campsite is so remote it requires its own airstrip, you can be assured your camping trip will be one to tell your friends about. The twelve tents at Sanctuary Kusini in the southern Serengeti have outstanding views of the plains, perfect for relaxing. This is glamping at its best, with each tent having its own personal attendant to ensure your stay is magical. There is also a communal tent with a library, sitting room and verandah.

Tanzania – Sanctuary Kusini


And if seeing the Big 5 on your luxury safari is not your thing, and you are interested in seeing animals that are even more rare, try glamping in style at Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in southwest Uganda, home to the mountain gorillas. Sometimes the gorillas come into the camp site itself. The eight tents here offer an African safari holiday that you will talk about for ages, each with their own bathtub, ideal for soaking tired muscles after gorilla trekking.

Uganda – Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp

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