“Good evening Mr. Jenkins!”. I stepped out of the taxi and smiled at the cheery bellboy. Whichever Four Seasons property I stay at, there’s always one constant: impeccable, personalised service; and the Four Seasons Hotel Toronto was no different.

My stay at the Four Seasons Toronto

I stepped into the lobby and I was struck by its clean lines, wood-panelled walls and subdued, earthy colours and greys. Comfortable sofas filled a corner, whilst a gorgeous floral arrangement added a splash of colour. Aside from the towering lobby, there was little in the way of explicit grandeur. In fact, the Four Seasons Hotel Toronto, the group’s flagship property, felt remarkably unassuming. It was quite unlike other Four Seasons properties I’ve been to or many other big city five star hotels. This beautifully designed property felt sophisticated yet warm and understated.

Four Seasons Hotel Toronto - exterior
Four Seasons Hotel Toronto – exterior

The Four Seasons Hotel Toronto is located in the upscale Yorkville neighbourhood, north of downtown Toronto. Soaring 55-stories above the classy boutiques and cool cafés of Yorkville, the hotel is a landmark in its own right, standing tall among the Toronto skyscrapers. Its impressive glass exterior contrasts sharply with the warm, woody interior.

The reception.
The reception.

My room, with outstanding views of Toronto, was very spacious, and oozed the same warm yet sophisticated ambiance. The bed was a delight, both in comfort and size, whilst the walk-through bathroom boasted steam-free mirrors, an embedded television (in the mirror), a rain-shower cubicle and a bath-tub. There was a very well-stocked bar, a top-notch MP3 music box and an iPad to browse through the hotel’s services and facilities as well as make reservations. Very cool!

My room at the Four Seasons Hotel Toronto.
The bathroom.
Services at your fingertips.

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Dining at Café Boulud, Four Seasons Hotel Toronto

The hotel has a cosy lounge and the dbar on the ground floor where guests can enjoy a drink, snacks or a casual meal. The main F&B outlet is Café Boulud on the first floor, easily one of my favourite fine-dining restaurants in Toronto. Funky, contemporary pop-art adorn the walls, creating an ambiance that’s casual and somewhat quirky.

Café Boulud
Café Boulud

Chef Daniel Boulud (perhaps most famous for his 3-Michelin-star restaurant, Daniel, in New York) and Canadian chef Tyler Shedden weave a colourful fusion of local ingredients and modern French cuisine. The food is, on the whole, excellent, with a handful of dishes that are truly exceptional, such as the crispy duck egg with asparagus and mustard dressing, and the grapefruit givré filled with rose loukoum and topped with candy floss halvah.

The fabulous crispy duck egg.
The fabulous crispy duck egg.
And the delicious grapefruit givré!
And the delicious grapefruit givré!

The Four Seasons Spa

The Spa is my favourite part of the hotel. It’s warm and inviting and the service is absolutely impeccable. As soon as I entered the doors, I was greeted by the friendly staff and showed around the facilities. There was a beautiful indoor pool with an outdoor terrace, and a cosy lounge which led to the spacious changing rooms and shower areas. I was given an incredibly fluffy bathrobe and was later escorted to the treatment room. The cheery masseuse offered me a choice of aromas and soft music. The table was set at a comfortable temperature before she started the hour-long massage. I emerged from the treatment in a dream-like state – that massage was seriously one of the best I’ve had!

The pool at the Four Seasons Toronto.
The lounge at the Spa.
The lounge at the Spa.

The Four Seasons Hotel is truly a fabulous addition to the luxury end of Toronto. Being the flagship property of this world-renowned hotel group, I perhaps expected a show of pomp and grandeur. What I found was a sophisticated hotel with a decor that perfectly lends itself as the backdrop for showcasing the principles of the Four Seasons group: combining design and personalised service to offer its discerning guests a range of exceptional experiences. For that, my hat’s off to the Four Seasons Hotel Toronto!

Note: A big thank you goes to Four Seasons Hotel Toronto for hosting me. As always, all views expressed above are mine.

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