The treasures of Gallipoli


The castle in Gallipoli, Puglia.

Many people thought I was in Turkey when I posted photos of my stay in Gallipoli (map) earlier this summer. I wasn’t. In fact, I was in Puglia, in southern Italy! Gallipoli in Turkey is especially famous as the site of the ‘Gallipoli Campaign’, a battle during World War I, not to be confused with Gallipoli (which translates as ‘Beautiful City’ in Greek) in Puglia, which is an ancient port on the Ionian Sea. The town is believed to have been founded by the Greeks and through the centuries, Gallipoli was conquered by a succession of powers including the Byzantines and the Normans. In the 18th century, Gallipoli was home to the largest olive oil market in the Mediterranean. From its ports, ships laden with olive oil sailed to major European cities where the oil was used for lighting. It is said that olive oil from Gallipoli lit the streets of London before the advent of the electric bulb.

A photo tour of Gallipoli Puglia

These days, Gallipoli is a quiet town that derives most of its livelihood from tourism and fishing. The old town is situated on a little island and is connected to the mainland by a 16th century bridge. This part of town features an impressive castle (built by the Byzantines in the 13th century) and equally impressive fortification walls and towers. Behind the castle lies a maze of picturesque streets filled with quaint shops, cafés and restaurants, as well as historic churches, convents and palaces. As I soon discovered, despite its small size, Gallipoli is packed with historic and cultural treasures, and it has a dazzling sandy beach right at its doorstep! Come take a photo tour with me and discover the treasures of Gallipoli:


Fishermen at the harbour in Gallipoli.


Fishermen preparing their bait on the promenade.


One of the first things visitors will notice at the harbour is this stunning Greek Fountain (believed to originate from the 3rd BC).


The old town of Gallipoli on the island, viewed from across the harbour.


The old town is a maze of picturesque streets and lanes.


A vegetable seller stopping for a chat.


The enormous baroque Sant Agata Cathedral towers over the old town!


The ornate interior of the Sant Agata Cathedral is simply breathtaking!


The paintings in the Cathedral have been beautifully restored.


I also visited this underground olive press. This little museum provides a fascinating insight to the history of the olive oil trade in Gallipoli.


Gallipoli also has a gorgeous beach with crystal-clear water right at its doorstep!


The golden sands of the beach at the edge of the old town of Gallipoli.


Loved this spot: the Café del Mar. Stopped here for a drink and to enjoy the fantastic views of the beach and the sea.


The stunning La Chiesa di Santa Maria della Purità can be found along the promenade facing the beach. It definitely is one of Gallipoli’s many gems!


The incredible ceiling frescoes of the La Chiesa di Santa Maria della Purità.


The little streets of Gallipoli are also home to several beautiful palazzos.


In the early evening, we lounged at Buena Vista Café for aperitivo (Italian Happy Hour). Fabulous views of the sea!


We had a splendid seafood dinner at Il Bastione.


The gorgeous sunset, seen from our table at Il Bastione, was the perfect end to a fabulous day in Gallipoli. The wine we drank, a fresh and fruity Negro Amaro Bianco, is from Coppola, a local vineyard which is open to visitors.

Like many of my followers, I was aware of Gallipoli in Turkey but until my visit to Puglia, I had no idea of the existence of this lovely town of the same name. I’m very glad to have made its acquaintance! I, sadly, only spent a night but I could easily have spent a week there. If you’re visiting Puglia, make sure to include a stay in Gallipoli. You’ll love it!

The region of Puglia is connected to major European cities via frequent flights from Bari and Brindisi. Gallipoli is located about 200km from Bari (read about things to see in Bari) and 90km from Brindisi and can easily be reached via the state road 101.

Check out my ultimate guide to Puglia.

Search for hotels in Gallipoli.

Note: my visit to Puglia was part of the #WeAreinPuglia campaign, a partnership between iambassador and the Puglia Tourism Board. As always, all views expressed above are mine, and mine only.

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10 Responses to “The treasures of Gallipoli”

  1. Sharon 10/12/2014 10:39 am

    Gallipoli seems so friendly and like all Italian beaches, this one is great as well. What I love most about this country is its passion for outside dining, their cafés are so chic and the food is always delicious, but so fattening…

  2. Keith Jenkins 21/08/2014 12:04 pm

    Hi Sarah,
    Yes, the beaches are indeed beautiful and I loved the cafés along the promenade with fab views of the beaches and the sea. I didn’t spend enough time in the town to get to know the townsfolk well but the fishermen selling their catch of the day at the fish market were very chatty – wish I knew what they were saying (definitely have to brush up on my Italian! Haha!)!


  3. Keith Jenkins 21/08/2014 12:00 pm

    It was a pleasant surprise for sure. For such a small place, it sure has a lot to offer!
    Thanks for your comment Maria!


  4. Sarah 21/08/2014 11:56 am

    Wow is this place gorgeous! The town appears so prosperous but it’s the beautiful beaches and seaside cafes that caught my eye. Did you learn of any fascinating stories involving the townsfolk?

  5. Maria Falvey 21/08/2014 6:04 am

    Treasures is right Keith – looks like they’re down every street and around every corner there. Wow!


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