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High tea is a centuries-old English tradition of late-afternoon delights: a cup of freshly-brewed tea accompanied by a selection of pastries and bite-sized sandwiches. I’ve often enjoyed a casual Sunday afternoon with family and friends indulging in a high tea. So, my curiosity was piqued when I was invited to experience High Wine, a variation of high tea, at The Dylan, one of the oldest and most luxurious boutique hotels in Amsterdam. The invitation described High Wine as a selection of some of the hotel’s best wines and tapas-style dishes. I gladly accepted the invitation. After all, who could resist the temptation of being fed fine wines and tapas specially selected by Dennis Kuipers, the Michelin-starred Executive Chef of The Dylan!

High wine, The Dylan style

The Dylan

The Dylan is situated in a 17th century landmark on the Keizersgracht canal in the heart of Amsterdam. A good deal of celebrities have stayed here but I was surprised to find a cosy, intimate atmosphere when I walked in. Nothing hoighty-toighty, but rather, a casual elegance that put me straight at ease. I was led to a gorgeous corner, complete with comfortable sofas and a fireplace.

A waiter showed up with a bowl of seriously delicious olives. He introduced himself and the High Wine concept: a food and wine pairing consisting of four specially-selected wines and four amuse-style bites. I couldn’t wait to get started.

These Sicilan olives were simply perfect!

The first wine/amuse pairing arrived soon after. A fresh, crisp, Vicar’s Choice Sauvignon Blanc from the Saint Clair estate in Malborough, New Zealand, and a delightful caesar salad with sautéed prawns and garlic croutons served in a martini glass.

The caesar salad in a martini glass

Up next was another delight: wagyu pastrami with a fresh pasta salad with grilled pointed pepper, basil and a Savora mustard dressing. The wagyu was tender (as it should be) whilst the sweet pepper and the delicate mustard dressing gave the dish an extra edge. This amuse was paired with a gorgeous III B & Auromon Chardonnay from the Limoux (Languedoc) region; a flavourful Chardonnay with fleeting vanilla tones.

The wagyu pastrami
The lovely III B & Auromon Chardonnay

The next course turned out to be my favourite: sautéed duck breast with string beans, grilled potatoes and a jus of smoked-dried meat. The rich Bucaro Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, with gorgeous smoky tones, perfectly complemented the full-flavored duck breast and the jus. The food/wine pairings were spot on!

The sautéed duck breast
The Bucaro is served

The four-course High Wine was completed by a glass of marinated strawberries with prosecco, mint and an almond wafer and accompanied by a dessert wine from the Monbazillac (near Bordeaux). The Monbazillac Grande Maison Cuvée des Agnes had a soft honey flavour which blended superbly with the strawberries, mint and almonds.

The honey-laced Monbazillac Grande Maison
The strawberries served in a martini glass

An excellent alternative for late-afternoon indulgence

At the end of the meal, I was convinced. This is not your typical high tea – aside from the time of day at which it’s served, the two have little in common. Instead, High Wine is an excellent alternative for some late-afternoon indulgence right in the heart of Amsterdam!

High Wine is served every day between 3 – 7pm at The Dylan Amsterdam (Keizersgracht 384; map). For reservations (recommended), call: +31(0)20 530 2010.

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About The Dylan Amsterdam

The Dylan Amsterdam opened its doors in 1990, making it one of the first luxury boutique hotels in the world. Located in a stunning 17th century building on one of Amsterdam’s loveliest canals, the Keizersgracht, The Dylan has 40 individually designed rooms and suites. The hotel is also home to Vinkeles, a Michelin-star restaurant that offers contemporary French cuisine. There’s also a state-of-the-art conference centre that features what is arguably one of the most stunning walls I’ve ever seen.

The Dylan Amsterdam – courtyard
The Dylan Amsterdam – suite
The Dylan Amsterdam – conference room

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Note: A big thank you goes to The Dylan for hosting me at High Wine. Opinions expressed in this post are seriously mine.


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  • Spot on! Thanks for the tip about the Monzabillac Dheza. 🙂 If you’re swinging by Amsterdam, you have to check out High Wine.


  • Monzabillac is one bottle that I always keep at home especially the 2005. It’s a very sweet wine which goes well with tiramisu or creme brulee. High wine looks like a sweet deal. Thanks for the recommendation Keith.

    The Weekend Traveller

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