It’s Brazil’s national cocktail: a wicked mix of lime, sugar, cachaça (sugar cane liquor) and lots of ice. I remember my first trip to Brazil in 1998 when I went on a sailing trip near Rio de Janeiro. I was one of three foreigners on the boat and we had a blast, all thanks to two quintessential Brazilian products: caipirinha and the samba! We drank, sang and danced till sunset. I couldn’t stop dancing, even after the samba band stopped playing – the caipirinha had me firmly in its grip. Haha! It’s one experience I won’t easily forget.

how to make caipirinhas
A trio of caipirinhas – passion fruit, lime (regular) and strawberry – at Barzin in Ipanema.

On my last trip to Foz de Iguaçu in Brazil, I was shown how this famous cocktail is made. And really, it’s dead easy. Watch and learn:

There’s something about cocktails that taste like lemonade – you can never tell how many you’ve had. I must’ve had quite a few because at the end of the day, I was convinced I knew the words to Brazil’s national anthem! Good thing there wasn’t a samba band anywhere around. Haha! 😉

It was an unforgettable trip! I discovered many things to do at the Iguassu Falls and had lots of fun drinking caipirinhas with my friends. If you’re visiting Brazil, don’t pass up on the chance to taste a caipirinha, Brazil’s national cocktail!

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  • Wish I were enjoying this tipple on Copacabana between World Cup matches this year, but such is life … I’ll be down there within the next year anyway, so no worries!

  • We had those 8 years ago in Fortaleza. It was weird. Just one drink and we were wasted. After a few more we could hardly walk. We suspected that they were spiked but the same happened multiple times in different bars. No more caipirinha for us.

  • O how I love Caipirinha, its so hard to find bars which serve good Caipirinha, especially here in Switzerland. Guess I need to go back to Brazil than hehe,

    Thanks for sharing

  • okee, it’s a deal. I’ll bring the cookies, you’ll serve the Caipi’s!

  • Spent six months in Brazil teaching ESL. Fantastic place to visit! Great drinks too 😉

  • Hello!
    I love Brazil! And when I was there, bazilian also showed me how to make a caipirinha. So amazing! but very strong! 😉

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