It’s Mother’s Day, a great moment to stop and reflect on all the wonderful lessons we’ve learned from our mothers. Some lessons are more valuable (i.e. logical) than others but they all share the same trait: they were taught with love.

My relationship with my Mum has sometimes been tempestuous, especially during my rebellious adolescent years. One thing though that has always shone through the years is her unconditional devotion to and love for her children. It’s her love and devotion, and the many lessons she’s taught me, that have helped to shape me into the person I am today. And that’s something I shall always be grateful for.

My Mum & I.

As I write this, I can’t help but chuckle about those memorable lessons. Here’s a selection of my favourites:

Competitive spirit – “And you’re proud of coming in second in class???!!!”

Table manners – “Bring your spoon to your mouth, not your mouth to the spoon!” And “Don’t talk with your mouth full… and close your mouth when you chew, I don’t need to see what you’re chewing on.”

Posture – “Sit up straight. Don’t slouch or you’ll start to look like Grandpa.”

Grooming – “Keep your face clean. It’s your most important business card.”

Hygiene – “If you don’t wash your feet before you go to bed, you’ll get scary dreams.” (Especially relevant in many Asian homes where shoes are not worn indoors).

Gratitude – “There are people starving in Africa! If you don’t finish your plate, I’ll send you there!” And “Say ‘thank you’ or you’ll never get a present from anyone again!”

Wealth – “If you don’t finish all your rice, you’ll never be rich!”

To all the mothers out there, have a beautiful Mother’s Day!

Love & hugs,


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  • Your mothers lessons made me think about what I tried to teach my children. I forgot about the practical things but this were some things I was thinking of : be friendly to people and animals: if you can help someone try it; choose best friends and rely on them and finally be nice to foreigners. I think, like I know you, your mother had the same ideas.

  • I am sure I once saw you chew & talk with an open mouth…:-)

  • Hahahahaha! So true and still relevant to all kids out there. Kids, Don’t ignore what your mothers tell you. She may sound critical sometimes, but you’d rather have hear it from her because you know she loves you anyway. She is the only person who will tell you what’s wrong with you (not scrimping on details) because she wants you to be aware of these shortcomings so that you, her son/daughter , can do something about it before someone else points it out to you. She ALWAYS has your best interest at heart because she loves you.

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