The murals of Dozza

Dozza (map) is a hill-top medieval village about a 30-minute drive south of Bologna. Listed as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy (“Borghi più belli d’Italia”), Dozza is dominated by an imposing fortress, Rocca Sforzesca, and consists of a main street that circles the village in an elongated form.

Panoramic view of Dozza (image courtesy of Durelli Massimo - Creative Commons)

Panoramic view of Dozza (image courtesy of Durelli Massimo – Creative Commons)

The village is best known for its annual Wine Festival and its Biennial Exhibition of the Painted Wall (Muro Dipinto) in September, when artists from Italy and around the world are invited to decorate the village’s walls with colourful murals, in effect transforming the village into an open-air museum. It truly is an enchanting experience to stroll around to admire the murals of Dozza, each in a different style and colour scheme.


The imposing fortress.


The colourful village square of Dozza.


The quaint Vicolo Campeggi street.


One of the many murals along the Via Edmondo de Amicis in Dozza.


The lovely Via de Edmondo de Amicis.


I particularly loved this mural on the yellow wall.


Another of my favourite murals.


While I strolled down the main street, I spotted gorgeous views of the surrounding hills through the gaps between houses.


This cartoon mural was very striking.


And I bumped into a few Dozza cats! I’m quite sure they’ve been featured in some of the murals.


Another of my favourites.


Some of the murals are tucked away in little corners.

After strolling around the village, a perfect place to stop for a drink (I suggest a refreshing Aperol Spritz) or a meal is the charming Piccola Osteria del Borgo.


The artsy interior of the Piccola Osteria del Borgo. There’s also a small terrace outside with views of the hills.


Lunch platter at the Piccola Osteria del Borgo!

Dozza is also home to the Enoteca Regionale dell’Emilia Romagna (the regional wine store for the Emilia Romagna region) located in the Rocca Sforzesca, with more than 800 different wines and other products like olive oils, balsamico and jams. You can’t leave the village without visiting the Enoteca and tasting some of the wines.

Enoteca Regionale dell’Emilia Romagna photo

The Enoteca Regionale dell’Emilia Romagna is located in the celler of the Rocca Sforzesca.

It was a delight to discover this gorgeous village with its beautiful murals. If you’re visiting Emilia Romagna and driving the famous Via Emilia, plan some time for a visit to Dozza!

Dozza is also a featured destination in the Ultimate Euro Food Trip.

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Note: my visit to Emilia Romagna was part of the Blogville project, a collaboration between the Emilia-Romagna Tourism Board and iambassador. All views expressed above are mine, and mine only.



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