We all have those magical travel moments, when we feel as if we’ve been transported back in time, or when the landscape seems so surreal, or a divine moment when everything feels right. I asked my facebook followers to write a 50-word piece describing their ‘Most Magical Travel Experience’. Aside from the word limit, there were no other guidelines. I asked them to be creative. It could be humorous, romantic or adventurous.

These are their stunning contributions. Enjoy these magical experiences!


Stepping off the trans-Siberian train in Beijing to arrive in a whirlwind of intense sensations: new sights, sounds and smells hit us instantly, and after spending 6 days on the train we soaked it up with a euphoria that would have had people wondering if we had crossed Russia on foot!

By: Andy Jarosz
Blog: 501 places


Having my fortune read by a Buddhist fortune teller at Banteay Samre temple, in Cambodia. I’ll never forget his huge, welcoming smile and gentle voice. I wasn’t going to visit that temple, but was so glad I did and happened upon this spiritual character – it was quiet, peaceful and beautiful, a purely magical experience.

By: Natalie K.


Devil's ThroatA few steps, a short turn and we arrived at the Devil’s Throat. Rainbows shone through the watery haze, our skin shimmered with droplets from the falling wall of thunder and birds swooped past and back into the jungle. Iguazu Falls justified the early start to the day.

By: Abigail King
Blog: Inside The Travel Lab


In a hotel room in Xi ‘An, China we sat on chairs facing 12 orphanage nannies holding 12 crying babies. My daughter’s name was called. She walked to the center of the room. Lotus, her given daughter was placed in her arms. After three years of waiting — a dream fulfilled.

By: Evelyn Hannon
Site: Journeywoman


The Burning Man doesn’t burn like he should. At first people cheer and whistle, then they start to leave. I wait 20 more minutes and finally decide to accept that he’s changed if not fallen. He’s a new Man and I define him. In that moment, my life is altered.

By: JoAnna Haugen
Blog: Kaleidoscopic Wandering


There is nothing more magical than turning a corner and witnessing a landscape that doesn’t seem real. We witnessed this when we trekked to the Pinnacles of Gunung Mulu National Park in Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo. Like sentries they stood silent, towering over the jungle like a giant painted canvas. Nature’s work of art.

By: Dave and Deb
Blog: The Planet D


I first visited New York – gosh! – 25 years ago. Europe was very different at that time and as soon as I caught sight of the skyline, arriving from the airport, I felt fascinated. Everything looked magical. The glistening skyscrapers stretched endlessly, the huge cars, the melting-pot of people and the kids breakdancing in the street. It was amazing!

By: Simon Falvo
Blog: Wild About Travel

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  • Nice roundup of posts! Glad to be following your adventures.

  • Excellent blog. Travel is all about the moments. It’s the moments that we crave in life and travel vastly increases the probability of having them every day.

  • Really glad you enjoyed this post. Kudos to the contributors for their brilliant stories.

    Best regards,

  • Wow, what an awesome collection of moments, some of them truly truly touching! Thank you Keith for the inspired idea of putting this together and thanks to all the participants for sharing from your hearts!

  • What a great idea! The contributions are all so interesting, touching and just eye-opening. I’m now just trying to think of the most magical moment in my limited travels…..There are so many of them. But one thing for sure is the most exhilirating part (if not exactly a magical moment) of my travels was my first time to get on a plane to go where no cars, buses or trains could reach. I never looked back.

  • Thanks Aaron. I’m sure you will. I’ve been to 4 of the 7 spots. Beijing, Xi’An and the Burning Man are on my list. 🙂


  • Nice moments! All of them! I haven’t been to any but I will don’t worry… Cheers Keith!

  • Awesome magical places! Now we got some more places to long to visit 🙂 I’ve only been to one of them in 2005: Iguazu falls and they’re truly amazing – still one of my top travel experiences!

  • Yes, Evelyn certainly shared a wonderfully magical & personal moment. Big thanks to you too for contributing your magical Malaysian moment. This was my first experiment using facebook to generate more interaction with my followers and I’m really pleased with the result. Will think of different ideas going forward.


    ps/loving your Sri Lanka posts.

  • Thank you Zoë! You should write about your magical moment. Send me your 50 words & I’ll add it to this post. You can then expand on it in a separate post on your blog. What do you think? 🙂

  • Wonderful idea for a post and thank you for inviting us to take part. I love facebook for the different dynamic than twitter, more like good friends chatting. Evelyn of Journey Woman had a beautiful experience. Definitely a magical moment.

  • Hi Michela,
    Gunung Mulu is not only home to the Pinnacles but also some of the largest caves in the world. Every day, in the late afternoon, a highlight is to watch literally millions of bats fly out of one of the caves like a large cloud. You can do a Google search of Gunung Mulu for images. You can also visit: for more info.


  • All wonderful stories, thanks Keith for this post!!
    The Gunung Malu NP is very impressive…it looks gorgeous… I have been once to Malaysia but did not know of this wonderful spot. Where can I find more images of this Gungung Malu NP? ….I’d love to paint it. Thanks again, bye. Michela

  • Ahhh, the magical moments of travel…it’s why I have dedicated my life to travel! To me it’s the closest I’ll ever get to experiencing the Sacred. 🙂

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