It’s no secret that Bologna, the capital of the Italian region of Emilia Romagna, is one of my favourite cities in Europe. There’s just something about this city that keeps drawing me back. Yes, there are the obvious reasons like the amazing food and historic architecture but I can’t deny that Bologna has a special brand of magic that never fails to weave a spell on me. On my last trip there, I sought to discover what that special something was and capture the magic of Bologna in photos.

Travel photos of Bologna

My ‘journey of discovery’ began as the plane approached the airport. I gazed over the city from my window seat and spotted many of the city’s famous landmarks and I just couldn’t stop smiling. During the next few days, I roamed aimlessly around the streets of Bologna, with nothing but my senses (and chance) to guide me. I stopped at a colourful scene or to admire an architectural masterpiece. I followed my nose into lovely restaurants and noisy markets and spoiled my taste buds silly with sublime cuisine. Follow me on my journey of discovery through my photos of Bologna:

View of Bologna from the plane window.

The panoramic views from the Asinelli Tower

The towers seen from the street level. The Asinelli tower is on the right.
A panoramic view of Bologna from the Asinelli Tower.

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The stunning porticoes or arcades

Bologna has 62km of porticoes, or arcades, 40km of which are in the historic city centre. It’s a joy to walk under them and admire the arches and colours. Some are even decorated with frescoes or other embellishments.

Locals enjoying gelato in the shade under the porticoes.
There are 60+kms of porticoes in Bologna.
The porticoes keep everyone sheltered.
A street in Bologna

The kaleidoscope of colours

Bologna is a colourful city! Many houses are coated in vibrant hues of pink, yellow and orange, but there’s more colour to enjoy in its markets and streets.

A colourful street in Bologna.
I spotted this colourful Fiat in the street. The driver sure has excellent parking skills!
There’s an abundance of orange in this city!

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Life in the streets

Bologna simply teems with life. It’s home to one of the oldest universities in the world, with a large student population. You’ll soon notice the vibrancy of its streets, squares and markets.

Kids having fun with bubbles next to the Fountain of Neptune.
The antique market on Piazza Santo Stefano in Bologna.
In the summer, the little square in Via Belvedere at the steps of the Mercato delle Erbe comes alive as locals crowd into this space for fresh food and delicious wine.
Aperitivo (happy hour) time in Bologna.
Strolling around the historic centre of Bologna.
The Cinema Ritrovato Festival takes place every summer in Piazza Maggiore and it’s free. Grab a seat and enjoy a classic movie!

And last but not least… the food!

Who can resist Italian food? Bologna is one of the culinary centres of Italy so it’s a great place to indulge!

One of my favourite deli’s in Bologna (in the Quadrilatero district).
Veal and truffles at Ristorante da Cesari.
Or veal with porcini mushrooms at Trattoria il Portico.
Lemon and chocolate gelato at Cremeria Funivia. Divine!
You can even learn how to make fresh pasta!
And don’t miss the most divine treat: sgroppino – a mix of whisked sorbet, vodka, prosecco and lime zest. This one’s from Trattoria il Portico.

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Needless to say, I love Bologna and it’s always a treat to return each time. If you’re touring the region of Emilia-Romagna or on a more comprehensive trip across Italy, I highly recommend adding Bologna to your itinerary. Bologna is also a featured destination in the Ultimate Euro Food Trip.

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Note: my visit to Emilia Romagna was part of the Blogville project, a collaboration between the Emilia-Romagna Tourism Board and iambassador. All views expressed above are mine, and mine only.






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  • Such a vivid colors … and city is gorgeous 🙂

    I wonder if they deliver food globally – that veal looks fantastic …;)

  • I was about to say you were not mentioning the food and then… YOU DID! And, may I also say you have good taste in gelato? Not may love the combination of lemon and chocolate but it really is delicious hehe.

    One more thing: we Italians do have great parking skills. We ought to. Although I suspect that poor guy on the 500 just got stuck by the rest 😉

  • Pics are nice! I love getting to adventure and travel all over the world. Thanks for sharing your views.

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