Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (airport code: AMS) is the main international gateway to the Netherlands and a major air hub in Europe. Schiphol (pronounced ‘skip-hol’) Airport handled more than 70 million passengers in 2019, about 4 times the population of the Netherlands, making it the third busiest airport in Europe. On a flight from Amsterdam, I was treated to a stunning view of Schiphol Airport from the plane window. The plane took off from the Zwanenburg runway and banked to the right. The airport’s terminals can clearly be seen as well as the adjacent runways.

Schiphol Airport with the A4 highway leading to it.

Schiphol Airport layout

Schiphol Airport has six runways and three interconnected terminals that form a nucleus from which eight piers fan out in different directions. With its wide array of shops, cafés, restaurants and bars, spa, hotels, a branch of the Rijksmuseum (the only airport in the world to have Rembrandts), a library and many other facilities, Schiphol Airport is a major transit hub in Europe, and is definitely one of my favourite airports.

Schiphol Airport Amsterdam

Schiphol Airport plays a vital role in the Dutch economy as the major aviation hub. As for me, I’m happy that I live close to an airport that serves more than 300 destinations around the world.

Schiphol Airport terminals and runways.

Read about things to do on a layover at Schiphol Airport. If you’re visiting Amsterdam, check out my guide for things to do in Amsterdam. Search for flights to Amsterdam with KLM.


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  • Hahaha! Really? The same as in Heathrow’s T5? Next time I’m at that dreadful T5 (I hope not any time soon!), I’ll pay closer attention. 🙂 On a side note, the “Mind the Step” alert at the end of the walkalators tickles me every time. It makes me think of a lady stuck in a little room somewhere with a mic, repeating the phrase over and over again! Must be the most boring job ever. 😉


  • I’ve landed into Schiphol many times and absolutely love that airport. It’s like Europe’s answer to Changi. As James said, it’s great that you can get to Centraal station for a few Euros and in such a short period of time too.

    I stayed in the Yotel airside last year and have had a few hours sleep on the lie-flat kinda chairs in the lounges a couple of times. Definitely a great airport to fly in and out of.

    Coincidentally, the PA voice they use at AMS is the same as that in LHR T5, bit of trivia for you Keith. 😉

  • One of my favourite airports in the world. I love how the train station is integrated into the NS rail system and that you can get to Amsterdam Centraal for just a few Euro.

  • Yes, that’s right. If planes take off from or land at the Zwanenburg or Polder runways, they have to cross a major highway (this is the main highway connecting Amsterdam and The Hauge/Rotterdam) to/from the terminal. It’s always amazing to drive through the tunnel or under the bridge just when a Boeing 747 crosses above. 🙂


  • I went to Amsterdam recently, and noticed an interesting thing when we crossed Schipol (in a bus) .. Aeroplanes actually cross over the main motorway to go from terminals to the flying strips! It’s an amazing feeling to see a plane cross on a bridge as your crossed under that bridge!

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