Perth is one of the most isolated cities in the world. Located in the southwestern corner of Australia, the city faces the massive Indian Ocean on one side and the great Australian plains on the other. Perth is a surprising destination in itself and offers visitors a broad choice of sights and activities. The lovely Mediterranean climate is an added plus. The beautiful Swan River meanders through the heart of the city and is the focus of many activities. There are many cruises from Perth to the mouth of the river at the historic port town of Fremantle, or upriver along the beautiful Swan River wine estates (you might even spot some dolphins along the way!). On a flight from Singapore to Perth, I got to enjoy stunning aerial views of the Western Australia coastline and Perth. Check out my photos of the plane view of Perth below:

western australia coast aerial view photo
Western Australian coastline near Shark’s Bay

Aerial view of Perth

I flew into Perth from Singapore. The plane basically tracked the western coast of Australia in a southerly direction (sit in row ‘A’ for the best views) and the views of the brilliant white beaches, turquoise ocean and the ochre desert were breathtaking. As the plane neared Perth, it was clear to see that the city is spread out over a large area. The coastline, with its broad beaches, little inlets and islands, was stunning.

north-perth-australia-aerial view-photo
The view from the plane window of the urban sprawl as we approached Perth.

Just before the landing, the plane flew past the city centre, providing amazing views of the city’s skyline, the immense King’s Park and the curly Swan River.

The beaches of Perth with the Perth CBD in the distance.
Perth city, King’s Park & Swan River.
A close-up of the Perth city centre.

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