The European Alps are not the largest chain of mountains in the world, nor are they the highest, but they possess a unique charm and history that speak to the imagination of locals and visitors alike. The daunting peaks, impressive slopes and picturesque villages have lured visitors to the Alps for centuries, and today the Alps are still a firm favourite for active outdoor enthusiasts and casual visitors.  The plane window view of the European Alps are equally impressive. Stretching from France in the west, crossing over Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Italy to Austria and Slovenia in the east, the Alps are home to some of the most famous peaks in the world including the Matterhorn and the Mont Blanc, impressive glaciers, dramatic valleys and countless villages and towns. The Alps are hugely popular as a ski destination in the winter and a magnet for hikers, bikers and wellness enthusiasts in the warmer months. On a recent flight from Amsterdam to Rome, the flight path took us over the eastern section of the Alps, from Stuttgart in Germany to Innsbruck in Austria and Bolzano (Bozen) in Italy. The views of the Alps from the plane window were simply spectacular.

The snow-capped peaks of the Alps.
Chains of mountains in the Austrian (Tirolean) Alps.
Plane window view of the European Alps.
Close-up of the peaks of the Alto Adige in South Tyrol in northern Italy.
The southern edges of the Alps in northern Italy.

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  • Especially like the top picture. And if you look well, you can just make out someone walking over that ridge at the bottom of the photo… Just kidding of course 😉 Wonderful shots, thanks!

  • Amazing views of the Alps! One of my favorite places in Europe – especially Austria. Your photos from the plane are always amazing!

  • One of my favorite views in the world! Every time I take a plane flying over the alps, I wish it will be sunny to enjoy the amazing view!

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