We stood at the very edge of the canyon to get this amazing view!

My trip to Reunion Island was nothing short of epic. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect of this island in the Indian Ocean (map) but once I arrived, I was simply blown away by its spectacular natural beauty. Its stunning lagoon-fringed coastline and breathtaking mountains are the perfect decor for an adventure holiday. We went on long drives around the island, clambered through lava tubes (formed by recent volcanic eruptions), hiked through the mountains, trudged through amazing canyons and flew over the island in micro-light aircraft. After a week there, it was clear to me: Reunion Island is the ultimate adventure destination! It certainly was a trip I won’t easily forget.

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I’m thrilled to present to you the Reunion Island video. Look out for glimpses of me. Hehe! This video, filmed and produced by Matty Brown from the Story Travelers team, features the rugged beauty of Reunion Island as well as the different things we did around the island. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Love this video!

Reunion Island of Adventure from StoryTravelers on Vimeo.

Landing on Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Madagascar, Matty Brown and his friends are taken away on an adventure of a lifetime through the stunning landscapes, meeting the locals, soaring high above the mountains, crawling deep inside the volcanoes, jumping off waterfalls, swimming with dolphins, and discovering the diverse Creole culture and cuisine. Every aspect of the island comes to life through dance, food, outdoors thrills, and romantic hideaways. This is the journey through the eyes of a newcomer to the island taking it all in at once.

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Note: This video was produced as part of the #GoToReunion travel blogger campaign, a collaboration between iambassador and Destinate, and Réunion Tourism, France Tourism and Air Austral.

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  • Thanks for the wonderful review of Reunion Island. A buddy of mine in the Navy was actually there years ago. You are one of the best in the travel industry. Keep up the good work.

  • I never really heard of this place before this post, but it makes me wonder why anyone else hasn’t. So much to experience here … incredible video!

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