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How to eat a fresh lobster

I never really knew how to eat fresh lobster even though I love the taste of it. My way was to hammer it to pieces and dig out the meat with my fingers and whatever instrument I could find on the table – certainly not a pretty sight. All that changed when I visited the […]

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Epic train journey on the Rocky Mountaineer

The Vancouver skyline loomed large in the distance as I gazed out the window. My journey on board the Rocky Mountaineer train from Jasper was nearing its end. As the wheels of the train clanged and hissed on the approach into Vancouver station, my thoughts drifted to my experience on board over the past two […]

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Fun and thrills on the Athabasca Glacier

The Athabasca Glacier is one of several glaciers that originates from the massive Columbia Icefield in the Canadian Rockies. Located along the Icefield Parkway between Jasper and Banff, the Athabasca Glacier is a popular attraction due to its accessibility. Visitors can opt for an icewalk across the 6km long glacier or along one of the […]

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The drive to Maligne Lake in the Canadian Rockies

Maligne Lake is a spectacular lake in the Canadian Rockies not far from the town of Jasper. Set in a broad valley and surrounded by the glistening, snow-capped peaks of the Rockies, the lake is 22km long and is a haven for hikers and fishing enthusiasts. One of the most photographed spots in Canada, Spirit […]

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Kawana - image courtesy of William Cho

Ten scenic golf courses around the world

I don’t play golf but the exuberance with which the rest of my family pursues the sport ensured that I was dragged from one golf course to another during my adolescent years… as an ‘assistant’ (or rather a nuisance) to the caddy. As my brother and brother-in-law showed off their golfing prowess on the course, […]

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Culinary Journey: sushi and sashimi in Vancouver

What: sushi and sashimi Where: Miko Sushi. 1335, Robson St., Vancouver Notes: If you love sushi and especially sashimi (raw slices of tuna or salmon), you have to check out Miko Sushi in downtown Vancouver. I’ve been to many sushi bars in Vancouver (in my book, one of the best places for Japanese food outside […]

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The Jasper Tramway

There’s always something wondrous about cable-cars. Maybe it’s the way they silently whisk you up to a mountain top, or the panoramic views that gradually unfold as the car glides up to higher elevations, or the excited look on people’s faces when the journey begins… and the petrified look on those same faces when the […]

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Exploring Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island is a large island just off the west coast of the Canadian mainland. The majestic snow-capped mountains at its core, covered with impressive conifer forests, and the rugged coastline with its many inlets and islands offer the visitor a wide range of exciting outdoor activities. Suggested itineraries to explore Vancouver Island Vancouver Island, […]

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Plane views: Baffin Island, Canada

I was determined to stay awake on a flight from Amsterdam to Seattle. I’ve flown this route many times before but this was the first time that I had my camera right next to me, in the hope of getting some good shots of the icy lands of Greenland and northeastern Canada. The weather was […]

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O for Ontario

Ontario’s Overwhelming geography and Opulent culture are Only a few of its charms. Choose this Original destination to get in touch with nature, to explore One of the many faces of Canada and witness sceneries you will never forget. On your way back home your eyes will see only two colours: the dark green of […]

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