I just love looking at the view of our planet from above. One of the most spectacular sights I’ve ever seen was on a flight from Vancouver to Amsterdam in the summer. I couldn’t sleep so instead, I lifted the screen and I was totally bowled over. We were flying across the Canadian Arctic and the sun was setting. The red and orangy hues were so intense. Just as the sun dipped its head under the horizon, it pulled back up again, so within a space of ten minutes, I bore witness to a sunset AND a sunrise. It was a totally awe-inspiring moment. If you’re flying the Vancouver – Europe route in the summer, I highly recommend choosing a window seat on the left side of the plane (i.e. row ‘A’). You’ll have to stay up for this spectacle (and risk arriving at your destination feeling like a zombie) but it really is worth the trouble. My apologies for not having any photos to prove how spectacular the scenes are.

Anyway, feeling a bit inspired, I’ve decided to add a new series to the Velvet Escape collection: Plane Views. Each Plane Views post will feature a certain flight or route which offers breathtaking scenery. I’ll also offer tips (if possible) on where to sit on the plane to best enjoy the scenery.

Plane window views from Vancouver to Portland

Plane Views kicks off with definitely one of my favourite routes: Vancouver – Portland. The awesome scenery starts right after take-off from Vancouver (sit on the left side, i.e. row ‘A’) with stunning views of the city, the harbour and the mountains in the back (providing the weather is good).

A grand view of Greater Vancouver.

The impressive snow-capped peak of Mount Baker is up next. Seattle follows with Puget Sound and the many islands, and the Olympic Mountains. As the plane heads further south, the towering volcanic peak of Mount Rainier comes into view, followed by the (still smoky) Mount St. Helens and Mount Hood.

mount-baker-mount rainier-plane-window-photo
Views of Mount Baker with Mount Rainier in the background.

The sight of the gentle rolling hills of Washington State and Oregon punctuated by these majestic volcanos is absolutely breathtaking.

Mount St. Helens.
Flying past the infamous Mt. Saint Helens.
Flows from Mt. St. Helens.
The hilly countryside of Oregon with Mount Hood.

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