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Ten things to do in Madrid

Madrid, the capital of Spain and the country’s largest city, is one of my favourite European capitals. With its grand architecture, majestic palaces, stunning museums and broad tree-lined avenues, it ranks right up amongst Europe’s great capitals like Paris and Vienna, at least in my book. What distinguishes Madrid from the other European capitals is […]

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Walking the city walls of Girona

Girona is a small medieval city about a 1.5-hour drive north of Barcelona. Located halfway between the majestic peaks of the Pyrenees and the rugged Costa Brava coast, the town sits on the confluence of four rivers and has a rich history that goes back to the Roman ages. Girona is quite often overlooked by […]

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The castle of dreams

As a child, Albert Diks spent many summers camping with his family in Catalonia. Each time they went on a drive around the Catalan countryside, Albert would stare out the window, his eyes glued to every castle they passed. “At night, in my little tent on the camping, I dreamed of having my own castle.” […]

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Picnic at Terra Remota

Terra Remota is a lovely winery located in the Emporda region of Costa Brava, about a two-hour drive northeast of Barcelona. The winery consists of a modern, bunker-like main building that’s surrounded by rows of vines, olive groves and fruits orchards. You can go for some wine-tasting and a tour of the winery when you […]

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Lesser known museums in Madrid

A guest post by Beth Davidson. Outside the Golden Triangle – Madrid’s Lesser Known Museums The Golden Triangle. The central art hub of Madrid. The Prado, the Reina Sofia, the Thyssen. These three museums contain a considerable amount of Madrid’s culture and, displaying works by the likes of Picasso, Goya, Miro, and Van Gogh, is […]

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A marriage of Strambotic art and gastronomy

Art on a plate that tastes as good as it looks. For those of us who appreciate fine dining, the presentation of the dish is just as important as its taste and the aromas emanating from it. A recent dining experience opened my eyes to yet a different dimension: art on a plate that not […]

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Ten things to do in Valencia

Valencia (map) is the third largest city in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona. While its two bigger sisters steal much of the tourism limelight, Valencia has quietly risen through the ranks and is now a worthy contender. The city has much going for it; a stunning medieval core, a multitude of architectural styles, urban savvy, […]

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A bird’s eye view of Costa Brava

Costa Brava, in the northern corner of Catalonia (Spain) is one of my favourite destinations in the world. Not many places combine sun, sea, nature, culture and gastronomy as effortlessly as Costa Brava. Every time I visit, there’s always something new to experience: another gastronomic highlight, an artistic wonder or a hidden panorama. A great […]

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Cook, taste Catalonia

Barcelona is one of those amazing cities that can easily whisk you off your feet, enthrall you and before you know it, you’re on your way home, breathless and consumed by a whirlwind of impressions and vague memories. There’s so much to see and do in the city that you’ll soon find yourself zooming from […]

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Medieval towns in Costa Brava

The name Costa Brava literally means ‘rugged coast’, a reference to the spectacular cliffs and hundreds of coves that line the coast. While the coast is a perennial favourite amongst many Europeans looking for sun, sand and sangria, there’s a lot more to discover starting just a few miles inland in the Baix Empordá region […]

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