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In my previous post, I talked about what makes an accommodation ‘epic’ and my assignment from Booking.com to find an accommodation that reflects my definition of ‘epic’. I thought hard about what I look for in a hotel and the factors that make me want to gush about the hotel to everyone. It took a bit of soul-searching and slightly less time finding an accommodation that matched the requirements. I knew it, once I found it, that this accommodation was truly ‘epic’. So, what did I choose? Please allow me to introduce you to *DRUMROLL*…

Hotel Alfonso XIII in Sevilla

So, why did I choose this hotel? Not hard to see why once you’ve seen photos of it. The Hotel Alfonso XIII is visually striking to say the least. This hotel is without a doubt, fit for a king! It’s no wonder that some scenes from The Crown were filmed here. And when the Game of Thrones cast and crew were in Sevilla to film the series, they stayed there too!

The glorious entrance to Hotel Alfonso XIII.

Built by command of King Alfonso XIII of Spain to house VIP guests during the Iber-American Expo in Sevilla in 1928, the hotel is a lavish display of pomp with a distinct Andalucian flavour. Mudéjar, an architectural style that blends Islamic and European classical influences (particularly Gothic), is evident the second you step inside the hotel. I was greeted by a rich symphony of sweeping arches, columns and exquisite ceramic tile-work. It was an incredible sight that left me feeling quite bewildered.

The Hotel Alfonso XIII in Sevilla by night.
…and by day.
The beautiful lobby with its sweeping arches and stunning tiles.

Experiencing Hotel Alfonso XIII

The check-in was swift and when I arrived in my room, my bag was already there. The hotel has three styles of rooms: Andaluz, Moorish and Castilian. My Grand Deluxe room was in the Andaluz style. The room was spacious with a large, extremely comfortable ‘Luxury Collections’ bed and Andalucian-style furnishings. The bathroom, with its marble floor and counter and gorgeous tiles, came equipped with a big bath-tub. The design was simple and functional and yet there was an unmistakable air of luxury.

My room was spacious, functional and luxurious – that bed was fit for a king!

Stunning architecture

As I explored more of the hotel in the following days, it became increasingly apparent to me why this hotel is simply epic. I mean, it ticked all the boxes. To start, the architecture is just breathtaking; the lobby was stunning whilst the courtyard just blew me away! Add to that a rich history (the hotel even has its own museum filled with photos of royal families, statesmen and celebrities from the past century), attentive service and to top it off, a fantastic location in the heart of Sevilla. The historic highlights of Sevilla, like the Cathedral and Alcazar palace, are just a few minutes walk away.

The floral arrangements in the lobby were gorgeous!
The courtyard seen from above.
A panorama shot of the impressive courtyard.

Dining like royalty

Breakfast was served each morning – a sumptuous spread I may add – in the San Fernando restaurant, a space reminiscent of a grand ballroom complete with Venetian chandeliers, coffered ceilings and gleaming marble floors. I felt like royalty every morning!

Breakfast is served in this grand room!

The hotel also has another restaurant, Ena Sevilla, located on a beautiful terrace with an inviting bar. This restaurant serves a mix of Andalucian and Catalan cuisines in a contemporary style.

On my last evening, I treated myself to a gin & tonic at the hotel’s stylish American Bar. As I sipped on my drink, I turned my gaze to the wall and spotted Grace Kelly staring straight back at me. I thought of all the famous people who once had a drink at this same spot – not a difficult task as their photos adorn the walls of the bar – and I smiled. Like, how EPIC is that?

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Note: this post is part of the #BookingEpic campaign, a collaboration between iambassador and Booking.com to initiate discussions on and highlight exceptional accommodations. The views expressed above, including the chosen hotel, are mine and mine only.

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