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Ten romantic things to do in Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia (map) and love go hand in hand.  As one of the most picturesque islands in the Caribbean with its iconic Piton mountains, stunning scenery, gorgeous palm-fringed beaches and warm tropical climate, Saint Lucia is the perfect setting for a romantic getaway, wedding, honeymoon or celebration of a key anniversary. Here are my ten […]

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Stunning Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is famous for the twin peaks of the Pitons, which rise dramatically from the sea to form one of the Eastern Caribbean’s most famous landmarks. In addition, the island also boasts a verdant, mountainous interior, with lush tropical flora and fauna, and active volcanos. Saint Lucia is a favourite port-of-call for many Caribbean cruise […]

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Masaai Mara, Kenya

Fabulous sunsets

It’s my favourite time of the day: when the sun sets and the ensuing twilight. A dazzling display of colour, then a serene interlude before the darkness sets in. Wherever I am, I always make it a point to stop for a moment if the weather is good and enjoy the sunset. They never cease […]

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