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Terra Remota is a lovely winery located in the Emporda region of Costa Brava, about a two-hour drive northeast of Barcelona. The winery consists of a modern, bunker-like main building that’s surrounded by rows of vines, olive groves and fruits orchards. You can go for some wine-tasting and a tour of the winery when you register at the main building. I highly recommend trying the rich and smooth Camino (a blend of Syrah, Black Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon and Tempranillo) and the fresh and fruity Caminante (a blend of White Grenache, Chenin Blanc and Chardonnay). For some indulgence, try the Clos Adrien, a velvety, award-winning blend of Black Grenache and Syrah.

Terra Remota

A picnic at Terra Remota

What makes Terra Remota worth more than just a mention, aside from its elegant wines, are its efforts to promote wine tourism in Costa Brava. One initiative that the winery recently introduced combines its wines and fresh, local produce in a picnic box. Visitors are offered the option of enjoying a picnic on comfortable lounges under the canopy of trees for a very reasonable price. The picnic boxes are packed with Jabugo ham, Catalan sausages, cheeses, paté, olives, tomatoes, mineral water, coffee/tea and of course a bottle of wine. The grounds are simply gorgeous, making a picnic here a wonderful way to enjoy the tranquil surroundings!

Picnic lounges at Terra Remota
The picnic box

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I had the great pleasure of having a picnic at Terra Remota with my friends. Lounging under the shady trees, we learned about the wines and Catalan produce, and we had a fun time scrubbing tomatoes onto the fresh bread and adding a sprinkle of organic olive oil.

Janice and Angie 🙂

Terra Remota is a great spot for a relaxing picnic with your partner or with a group of friends/family. The wines and food provided in the boxes are top-notch local produce. After lunch, lay back for a snooze on the comfortable lounges.

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Note: a big thank you goes to the Costa Brava Tourism Board and Terra Remota for your wonderful hospitality. All views expressed above are, as always, mine.


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