My recent post on fridge magnets collected during my travels prompted some readers to send me pictures of their favourite magnets. I selected several of them and asked the owners to write a short caption about what the magnets mean to them. Thank you for your wonderful contributions. Long live the fridge magnet and the wonderful memories they bring! 🙂

From my readers:

Solo travel DavidFrom: Lisa
Site: Traveldreams & Moonbeams
Twitter: Wanderlustwoman

I had traveled to Florence with a group of eleven others from my adult ed language class. We were a nutty bunch and I became friendly with one woman who was as crazy as me. We visited the Galleria dell’Accademia and drove the guard crazy posing for our silly pics with David. When I returned home, I saw this magnet set of David by mail order. He was available in a casual version or a dressed up version with a tux included. I went for the leather and jeans look. It suits him & suits me. Now, whenever I dress him in the morning, I think of our crazy day in Florence.

Note from Keith: Almost fell out of my chair laughing when I saw this one! Classic!

magnet_beachFrom: Isabelle
Site: Isabelle’s Travel Guide
Twitter: Isabelle’s Travel

I bought this magnet at the beach in Delaware (USA). It has a special place on my desk, next to my computer screen. It’s a constant reminder of chasing my dreams! I would love to live at the beach one day and be able to hang this at my door ‘Welcome to the beach house’. But then it will be MY beach house 😉

Note from Keith: That’s a great dream to have, and a lovely magnet to remind you of it!



IMG_6782From: RJ Cruz

Cambodia – It was very difficult to find magnets at Angkor Wat during our visit in 2004. Initially, our guide was confused when we made the request but once he understood, he took us to a market where a lady pulled out a bowl from under a table and showed these to us.

Note from Keith: I loved these too. I bought two in Siem Reap. One for my Mum and one for me. 🙂


magnetFrom: Jennifer
Site: Two Kids and a Map
Twitter: Twokidsandamap

I got this magnet nine years ago on my honeymoon in New Orleans, Louisiana. I couldn’t stop eating pralines on our trip so this magnet was a perfect choice! I have even tried the praline recipe several times but mine are not as tasty as Aunt Sally’s!

Note from Keith: Gosh! I’ve eaten their pralines too. Loved ’em! 🙂






ChinaMagnetFrom: Amy
Site: The Q Family Adventures
Twitter: TheQFamily

I got this magnet during our visit to the Great Wall. The Great Wall is one of the places that no matter how touristy it seems, it still blows your mind away. When I stood on the wall and looked at this big snake meandering over and around the mountains, I couldn’t help but think how on Earth they managed to build this hundreds of years ago. We took the cable car to go up to the wall. However, it was no easy task walking on the wall itself. The steps are steep and at some points small. I would love to be able to take my kids there one day.

Note from Keith: I have yet to make it to the Great Wall. The scenery must be quite spectacular.

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