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I was talking to a friend who’d been on a six-month trip through Africa and I asked him about the most important thing he learned from that trip. Without any hesitation, he answered, “That trip taught me to follow my heart”. I could absolutely relate to his answer. Two years ago, I embarked on a five-month round-the-world trip. The lessons I learned during that trip had a profound impact on myself and my outlook on life. When I returned home, I knew my life wouldn’t be the same again. I wrote an ebook called “Travelations: The Trip That Opened My Eyes” and did a video interview on Solo Traveler as a reminder to myself of these lessons and, hopefully, as a source of inspiration to others.

Curious about what others have learned from their travels, I decided to ask my fellow bloggers about their experiences. Below are their stunning answers to the question:

What was the most important thing that travel has taught you?

Keith Savage, Traveling Savage, @travelingsavage48
Travel has taught me to see the details of life. In the familiar, my eyes brush over the surroundings as I pursue my daily tasks and goals with a kind of mental tunnel vision. Traveling removes me from the known and forces me to be more attentive: from the way blades of grass jitter in the wind to the calcium deposits crawling up ancient fountains to the ripple of cloud shadows over ceramic roof tiles. These details hold the wonder in life; travel gives me access to them. The result is a richer, more meaningful experience and long lasting memory.

Chloe Johnson, Backpacking Journalist, @backpackjourno6
I’ve eaten sheep’s testicles, I’ve slept in a smokey, claustrophobic train cubicle, I’ve tip-toed around hundreds of worshipping monks and I’ve mastered the art of peeing in a hole in the ground (many Asian toilets).

Granted some of those experiences were unpleasant but there was not one moment that I thought the country or the culture was weird. Travel has given me the ability to accept and appreciate the differences that make up the world we live in. It’s taught me that skin colour, ethnic foods, living conditions and the way we speak are unique qualities of one race – human.

Jason and Aracely, Two Backpackers, @twobackpackers5
Flexibility has been our greatest behavior while traveling long term. Flexibility gives us the ability to spend extra time with new friends we suddenly met. We can venture out to a new city or a new hike that we just learned of from other backpackers in the hostel. Flexibility allows us to relax and wind down in a single place and put our travels on hold. Great experiences and friendships would have been missed had we not been flexible during our journeys.

Evelyn Hannon, Journeywoman, @journeywoman55
A man once told me this. It’s easy to be a chief in your own village where everybody has known you and your family forever. It’s far harder to walk to a village 20 miles away and prove you deserve to be a chief.

Travel taught me that on the road we can’t fall back on the social standing we’ve earned at home. In jeans and a jean jacket we all look alike, travelling from point A to point B. It’s only our inner strength and generosity of spirit that will, in the end, earn us the full respect of others.

Caz Makepeace, Y Travel Blog, @ytravelblog50

That we never stop learning. There is so much joy to be had and awe to be present in our lives when we continue to learn and grow. A favorite saying of ours is “When you’re green you’re growing and when you’re ripe you’re rotten.” Traveling presents you with unlimited opportunities to learn. And to me that is what travel is – a process of discovery. I learned an incredible amount about life and myself through my experiences traveling, because I was open to learning them. I wrote a free ebook, sharing 20 lessons I learned traveling – lessons that have helped me to live an empowered life. Live Your Best Life!

Sze Foong
I used to travel with lists of must-dos and went at a feverish pace to cram in as much as possible. It made for constant stimulation and highs, but I often ended up feeling like it was more work than pleasure. So now I go to one or two things per day, and spend the rest of the day meandering about, return to restaurants I’ve enjoyed, nap. Which brings me to the other thing I’ve learned – never feel guilty about spending a whole day lolling about in bed in the hotel, especially if it’s a nice one. It’s a holiday, after all.

Ann Lombardi, The Trip Chicks, @thetripchicks57
Hands down, travel is the world’s best teacher. Blessed with (mis)adventures in 85+ countries, I’ve crashed into a snowdrift on a runaway Sami reindeer sled, been zapped with tear-gas in my curlers outside a Seoul hair salon, helped biologists collect howler monkey squat in Central America, woken up in a stranded rail car somewhere in rural Romania, discovered underground Moscow with a black market “entrepreneur”…Time after time travel shows me that with an open mind, a touch of serendipity, and big supply of laughter, we really can better understand this planet we share.

Janice Waugh, Solo Traveler, @solotraveler51
At the risk of sounding selfish, I’ll say that the most important thing I’ve learned from travel is that I am capable. It’s not that I don’t appreciate different cultures. I love expanding my mind, exploring, meeting people and discovering repeatedly how we can be both different and similar regardless of where we live. But the most important thing to come of my travels is to learn that I am capable of navigating the world and negotiating the new because this ability presents more opportunities for all the other great things that travel offers.

Amar Hussain, Gap Year Escape, @gapyearescape41
The most important thing travel has taught me is to take less photos. I know this may seem counter intuitive to some but it’s one of the best pieces of advice I can give. When you are travelling you will see it all the time; individuals with their Canons and Nikons snapping away furiously. When you show the photo to someone else they won’t always understand the significance as they weren’t there. Every now and again put the camera down. Just take it all in, be in the moment and don’t worry about taking the perfect picture.

What travel is about

Travel is more than just about going on a trip somewhere. Whether I’m travelling for business or pleasure, to me, travel is about using our senses to experience a different place and culture, meeting new people, and it’s about what these experiences teach us.

Go explore. Experience. And be inspired!

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  • I so relate too what Sze said.I used to feel so guilty about not maximizing my time in a place. But it is a holiday after all!

  • I’ve learned that the world is so much bigger than my little corner of it (figuratively, I knew this literally :-). There are so many opportunities to learn and grown when you travel, and if you allow yourself to be as open as possible when you visit other destinations, you’ll be amazed at what you find, not only in the outside world, but in yourself. I’ve incorporated so many different customs, concepts and ways of thinking about things that I’ve discovered when traveling. I’ve been amazed to find that sometimes, I feel more at home on the road, or in a particular destination, than I do at home.

  • Nice post! I guess travelling simply teach as that there is more to life in general=)

  • What a fantastic post! If this doesn’t inspire people to go out and see the world nothing will!!!

  • Very nice post – thank you; it was nice to “hear” confirmed some of my ideas about traveling (in nice packages as well).

  • Nice post, Adam.Really we are very happy.The one thing that the whole process of our year long trip has taught me, from deciding to do it, to planning, to saving, to going, and now being home for over a year, is to do what YOU want to do.

  • Such an awesome post Keith. Thank you so much for featuring us amongst such inspiring answers. I think we can all agree that travel can teach you so much about yourself and life.

  • It was wonderful reading responses from other travelers. Travel has truly taught me all this and more, but the one most important lesson I have learnt is to be ready to simply “Learn, Unlearn and Relearn” – do away with all the prejudices and think with an open mind.

    Thanks for sharing this Keith!

  • A big thank you to you Keith and all other contributors for sharing your pearls of wisdom for this post!


  • Interesting lessons from all. Thanks for putting this together, Keith! Sharing wisdom is beneficial to everyone.

  • What an awesome post! Travel means something different to everyone, and everyone has their own ways of doing things and we all get something different out of our experiences. The one thing that the whole process of our year long trip has taught me, from deciding to do it, to planning, to saving, to going, and now being home for over a year, is to do what YOU want to do. Some may think it selfish, but we’re only here once, and I know I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure I get the most of my time here. There’s so many awesome things to see, people to meet, cultures to learn about, places to explore, that I just get giddy thinking about all the possibilities that are out there.

    Thanks so much for an awe-inspiring post. I love reading such passionate responses about something I love so much, travel. Great job everyone who contributed.

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