The Centro Niemeyer is a cultural complex in Avilés (map), one of the largest towns in the Spanish principality of Asturias, and is part of an ambitious scheme to redevelop the town’s riverfront. World-renowned Brazilian architect, Oscar Niemeyer, designed the complex as a gift to the principality. The result is a mesmerising blend of seductive feminine curves and a science fiction fantasy, reminiscent of Jane Fonda in the iconic 1960’s movie, Barbarella.

Centro Niemeyer

Visiting Centro Niemeyer

The Centro Niemeyer complex consists of four main structures: the tower (with its swirling staircase), the exhibition dome, an auditorium (a sketch of a woman posing seductively graces one wall) and a fourth building that houses a bar and meeting rooms.

Centro Niemeyer curves

A design that stirs the senses

The design of the complex is simple and clean but many aspects of it grab the attention of every visitor. I was constantly drawn by the soft sensual curves. It felt like an invitation to further explore the complex and caress the smooth, gleaming white surfaces. Located in a sea of white, the auditorium, with its brightly coloured sections, forms a stark contrast. The overall effect stirred my senses and I paused for many moments to admire and gently run my hand along the curvy walls. It was easy to feel seduced by the sensuality of this complex.

The auditorium with the seductress
The exhibition dome
The swirling staircase inside the dome
Sensual lines, bright colours
The foyer of the auditorium
The foyer of the auditorium

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The Centro Niemeyer has become somewhat of an Asturian icon and has helped transform Avilés into a world-class centre of arts, culture and design. As word spreads about this complex, I’m convinced that an increasing number of people will be drawn to and seduced by this wondrous design by Oscar Niemeyer. I certainly was!

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Note: my trip to the Centro Niemeyer was part of a blog trip organised by the Tourism Board of Asturias and Tourism Spain.


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  • Estas instalaciones son de lo mas exquisito que hay ahora mismo en España. Los Avilesinos y vecinos de comarca, tenemos el gran privilegio de poder contemplar este espacio libre cuanto queramos, pero también es un espacio libre para todos los ciudadanos del mundo. Es un lugar donde cada uno puede encontrar su espacio vital , que no es poco. Bien venidos a todos.

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  • Thank you Cristina for the suggestions. Calatrava’s Congress Hall in Oviedo is absolutely stunning whilst the Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura near Gijon is very impressive. Asturias definitely has a lot to offer in terms of great architecture.

    Best regards,

  • If you´re interested in architecture dont miss in Asturias, Northen Spain, Calatravas´Congress Hall, Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura, and Niemeyer Center.

  • yup.. you can really feel the theme going on there.. but it honestly looks like my wine bottle opener.. a corkscrew;)

  • Spain has become quite the destination for interesting architecture. I have not been to Aviles but the Centro Niemeyer is quite modern and interesting. Along with the Guggenheim in Bilbao and Gaudi in Barcelona, there is definitely some interesting architecture in this area of Spain!

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