best things to do in barbados

Barbados (map) is a gorgeous island nation located at the eastern edge of the Caribbean. Known for its stunning beaches, azure waters and as the birthplace of rum (and Rihanna), there are many things to do in Barbados. Most visitors stick to the west and south coasts, with their picture perfect beaches and hotels, but venture to the wild east coast, the hilly interior and the little villages along the coast and inland, and you’ll discover a diverse island full of natural and cultural gems. Wherever you go, you’ll find brightly-coloured houses, lively rum shops and warm, welcoming Bajans (as Barbadians are called). To get you started, here are my recommendations for things to do in Barbados, including attractions, restaurants and hotels I visited. And there’s a video too!

carlisle bay bridgetown view
A view of Carlisle Bay and Bridgetown.

Things to do in Barbados

1. Hit the beaches

It’s the most obvious thing to do in Barbados for many visitors so here’s my take on the best beaches Barbados has to offer. The beaches on the west coast facing the Caribbean Sea are calm and easily accessible (perfect for swimming and snorkelling), whilst the east coast, facing the Atlantic Ocean, is wild and rough (more suitable for surfing).

best barbados beaches
Pebble Beach at Carlisle Bay.

My favourite beaches are just a few minutes’ away from Bridgetown along the tranquil shores of Carlisle Bay. There are three public beaches at the bay: Brownes Beach, Bayshore Beach, and Pebble Beach, each of which boasts soft, powdery white sand and calm, crystal-clear water. There are various facilities such as parking, dive shops, showers and restrooms, and for food and drinks, there’s a choice of cafés (Dipper’s has gorgeous views of the beach) as well as the legendary Cuzz’s Fish Stand (a hut in the parking lot that sells delicious fish cutter sandwiches, and you can get a cold beer or rum cocktail from the vendor next door).

Cuzz’s Fish Stand.
Carlisle Bay seen from the Dipper’s Café.

There are various shipwrecks in Carlisle Bay, making it a terrific scuba-diving and snorkelling spot. You can even join a clear-kayak tour to view the shipwrecks and maybe spot some turtles.

Other beautiful sandy beaches include:

  • Near Bridgetown: Needham’s Point, just south of Bridgetown, fronted by the Hilton Barbados resort but the beach is open to the public; and Brandon’s Beach a stone’s throw north of Bridgetown. Search for hotels in and around Bridgetown;
  • On the south coast: Accra Beach, Maxwell Beach, Dover Beach (a lively beach at St. Lawrence Gap, with many cafés, restaurants and shops within walking distance). Search for hotels in and around St. Lawrence;
  • On the southeast coast: Crane Beach offers a wide arc of pinkish sand against a backdrop of cliffs, though as it faces the Atlantic, it’s less suitable for swimming;
  • On the west coast, between Holetown and Speightstown, there are a variety of sandy beaches that are perfect for swimming, lounging and watching the sunset. These include Alleynes Bay, Mullins Beach and Gibbes Beach. There’s a plethora of hotels, guesthouses, beach clubs, bars, cafés and restaurants in this part of the west coast. Search for hotels in and around Holetown, Porters or Speightstown;
  • Silver Sands Beach on the south coast near the airport is the place to be for kiteboarding and windsurfing;
  • For the experienced surfers, head for Bathsheba Bay on the Atlantic coast. In this area, Bath Beach is a more tranquil beach for swimming.
barbados beach
Needham’s Point beach.
Maxwell Beach
bathsheba bay barbados
Rock formations in Bathsheba Bay

2. Explore Bridgetown

The capital of Barbados is a bustling town with a beautiful waterfront along the Careenage and Constitution River. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, Bridgetown has a long and often tempestuous history.

bridgetown attractions
Walking along the Careenage (marina) in Bridgetown.
things to see in bridgetown
The Parliament Buildings in Bridgetown.

I recommend spending a few hours strolling around the historic town centre, with its landmarks such as the Parliament, St. Michael’s Cathedral and the Barbados Mutual Life Assurance building, and the colourful streets on either side of the Careenage. You can also join a walking tour to learn about the town’s fascinating history.

The beautiful Mutual Life Assurance Building
A colourful street in Bridgetown.

3. Enjoy Bajan street food

One of the best ways to experience the soul of Barbados is to indulge in its street food! Street food vendors can be found all over the island. There’s a wide variety of dishes to try, such as ‘Bread & Two’ (salt bread stuffed with fish cakes), Coucou and flying fish (okra and cornmeal with Bajan hot sauce served with fried/steamed flying fish), macaroni pie, rice and stew, cutters (fish sandwich with cheese and/or egg) and all sorts of grilled fish.

Street food in Oistins.

One place I frequented (because it’s at my favourite beach) was Cuzz’s Fish Stand. This little shack serves different varieties of fish cutters – the full fish, egg and cheese cutter topped with lots of hot sauce is unforgettable!

barbados street food cuzzs
The yummy fish cutter at Cuzz’s Fish Stand.
Grilled marlin and rice at Pat’s Place in Oistins.

Other street food areas I visited include Oistins (Pat’s Place is a good place to start) and Half Moon Fort. Join an Oistins fish-fry tour.

4. Visit St. Nicholas Abbey and the Heritage Railway

In the north of the island, amidst green rolling hills and thick forests lies the historic St. Nicholas Abbey. The road leading to the Abbey, lined by stunning mahogany trees, is in itself a highlight of a visit to the Abbey.

Beautiful mahogany trees at the St. Nicholas Abbey.
best barbados attractions
St. Nicholas Abbey is only one of three Jabobean mansions in the Western Hemisphere.

Other than its name suggests, it is a plantation house built in the 17th century in the Jacobean style (one of only three Jacobian mansions left in the Western Hemisphere), surrounded by lush tropical gardens. The house has been beautifully restored as a museum, a visit to which provides interesting insights to the lives of 18th century plantation owners. In addition, the Abbey also produces its own rum.

st nicholas abbey
The dining room in the St. Nicholas Abbey.

A relatively new addition to St. Nicholas Abbey is the Heritage Railway. The railway was built to commemorate the old railway that used to cross the island to transport sugarcane. This new, touristic route is a fun, historic experience and transports visitors from the Abbey to a panoramic viewpoint on Cherry Hill.

st nicholas abbey heritage railway
A ride on the Heritage Railway is a fun experience!

5. Explore the wild east coast

The east coast of Barbados is characterised by charming villages, verdant hills, swaying palms, cliffs, rock formations and the pounding surf of the Atlantic Ocean. The scenery is both idyllic and spectacular.

Bathsheba Bay on the east coast.
The pink St. Aidan’s Anglican Church.

I recommend a drive along the coast to enjoy the scenery – this can easily be combined with a visit to St. Nicholas Abbey. I also suggest stops at the Morgan Lewis sugar mill, the Caribbean’s largest windmill, and Bathsheba, with its big waves and rocky formations. If you have time, drop by at the Andromeda Botanic Gardens just outside Bathsheba.

largest windmill caribbean
The Morgan Lewis Sugarmill.

For lunch, check out Dina’s Bar, Zaccios on the East and Garage Bar & Grill, for fabulous food and sea views.

6. Stroll around Hunte’s Gardens

Another great thing to do in Barbados is to visit one of its beautiful tropical gardens. One garden I can definitely recommend is Hunte’s Gardens. This lush, tropical garden, with its towering royal palms and large variety of tropical plants, is a wonderfully tranquil retreat.


7. Richard Haynes Boardwalk

Stretching 1.6km between Camelot and the gorgeous Accra Beach on the south coast, the Richard Haynes Boardwalk is a delightful path for a stroll. Enjoy the sea breeze, the sound of the waves and the mesmerising sea views.

The Richard Haynes Boardwalk, with Tapas restaurant on the left.

I suggest stopping at one of the many cafés and restaurants that line the boardwalk for a drink or a meal – my favourite is Tapas (excellent food and views) but other places I can recommend include Blue Pineapple Restaurant & Beach Lounge (right on the beach) and Chicken George & Yankey Joe’s Beach Bar. The boardwalk also passes various beaches and coves that are perfect for a refreshing dip.

8. Go on a catamaran cruise

You can’t leave Barbados without having been on a catamaran cruise or a sunset cruise. It’s truly one of the best things to do in Barbados! There are various operators who operate luxurious catamarans which have all the facilities you’ll need and multiple areas to relax.

best catamaran cruise barbados
The luxurious Cool Runnings catamaran
Sail away!
best things to do in barbados
A delicious lunch on board the Cool Runnings catamaran.

During the cruise, the captain will stop at various points where guests can go snorkelling to view shipwrecks and coral reefs, or swim with turtles. Note: when swimming with the turtles, please do not approach or touch them. Try to remain stationary as much as possible and don’t make any sudden moves when they’re near you.

A turtle in the turquoise sea.

9. Go rum tasting

Being the birthplace of rum, Barbados has a strong rum tradition that’s an integral part of the social fabric. There are a big variety of rum distillers, from small producers to the large brands such as Mount Gay. There’s a Mount Gay visitor centre in Bridgetown which offers rum tastings or you can tour the Mount Gay Distillery in St. Lucy, the world’s oldest continuously operating rum distillery, to learn about the history of rum.

Mount Gay rum.

My favourite rum distillery tour is at Foursquare, the producer of multiple award-winning rums. Located near the airport, the tours of this historic distillery are led by very knowledgeable (and entertaining) guides and end with a fun-filled rum tasting. After learning about this blog, the rum sommelier even created a special Velvet Escape cocktail for me! Book a Foursquare rum tour.

foursquare rum distillery
Touring the Foursquare rum distillery.
Rum tasting and cocktail-making at Foursquare.

For a local rum experience, you should visit one of the many rum shops spread out across the island. These are basically small bars where locals drop by to drink and socialise. You can’t miss their brightly coloured exteriors!

A rum shop on Rihanna Drive.

10. Indulge in a fabulous meal

There are lots of terrific fine-dining restaurants in Barbados. After a day at the beach or exploring the island, why not treat yourself to some superb food in a wonderful ambiance.

The Cliff.
Delicious food at The Cliff.

Of the fine-dining establishments I visited, my favourite is The Cliff (west coast). The food and service are superb and the sea views (get there before sunset) are simply amazing!

A spectacular sunset seen from The Cliff.

Another of my favourites is Tapas, located right on the Richard Haynes Boardwalk, that serves fabulous food and dreamy views.

Delicious food at Tapas.

I can also recommend Champers (south coast), with equally beautiful views, and The Tides, a gorgeous restaurant in Holetown. If you’re in Holetown and you love sushi, book a table at Fusion Rooftop!

best sushi barbados
Sushi at Fusion Rooftop, arguably the best on the island!

11. Visit Harrison’s Cave

Situated in the central highlands of Barbados, Harrison’s Cave is great way to spend an hour or two admiring the wondrous limestone formations, ivory-white flow stones and the crystal-clear streams and rock pools.

Harrison’s Cave

A tram tour takes visitors underground, with several stops along the way for photos and commentary. You’ll also learn a lot about this precious water source and sustainable water management policies on the island.

12. Get into the island groove!

If there’s one thing that continuously struck me while I toured Barbados, it’s that there was always the sound of music wherever I went. From Caribbean rhythms to hip-hop, soul and the best of the 80’s and 90’s, I found myself humming, singing or swaying along to the tunes everywhere I went! Many beach clubs have DJs and live bands, especially during Happy Hour and in the weekends. You’ll always find locals enjoying the music and dancing along so it’s really not difficult to get into the island groove! It’s also an easy way to meet the locals and mingle.

La Cabane is a chill place to have a meal and drinks, listen to music and mingle with the locals with your toes in the sand.

Beach clubs/restaurants I can recommend with fabulous food, cocktails and music include The Cliff Beach Club (book a Sunday lunch and stay on to listen to the live band, and stay longer to see the sunset!), La Cabane (atmospheric club with great food and vibes and where you can enjoy the evening with your feet in the soft sand), The Boatyard Club and Surfer’s Bay Beach Bar.

One last tip, Barbados is the birthplace of one of the most famous artistes of our time, Rihanna. If you’re a Rihanna fan, you can’t miss a visit to her childhood home in Bridgetown. They even named the street after her (Rihanna Drive) so you can’t miss it!

Yours truly at Rihanna’s childhood home in Bridgetown.

Where to stay in Barbados

I stayed at the Hilton Barbados just a short drive away from Bridgetown. The hotel fronts the beautiful beaches of Needham’s Point and includes the 17th century Charles Fort and Needham’s Point Lighthouse. There are two pools and several restaurants/bars. The comfortable rooms have views of the Caribbean or Carlisle Bay.

hilton resort barbados
Hilton Barbados
unesco heritage barbados charles fort
The 17th century Charles Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is located within the Hilton Barbados grounds.

I also visited several hotels on the island. I didn’t get to visit Sandy Lane, the premier five-star resort in Barbados (where many celebrities choose to stay) but I found some little gems which offer a cosy yet luxurious experience right at the beach. Cobblers Cove is one of them. Often voted as one of the best hotels in Barbados, Cobblers Cove is located in Speightstown and has an intimate, distinctly English feel.

best hotel barbados
Inside the Great House of Cobblers Cove.
The pool.

Another hotel I found absolutely charming was the Coral Reef Beach Club situated in Holetown. It has a rustic yet luxurious feel and offers beautiful sea views, top-notch service and excellent cuisine.

coral reef beach club barbados photo
Coral Reef Beach Club boasts stunning sea views.
A suite at Coral Reef Beach Club.

On the south coast, I visited the Sea Breeze Beach House, an all-inclusive resort located directly on the beach. The recently refurbished rooms are spacious and boast amazing sea views.

Sea Breeze Beach House at Maxwell Beach.
A room at the Sea Breeze Beach House.

I hope you found my list of things to do in Barbados helpful. It’s by no means exhaustive as there’s so much to do and discover on the island. I totally fell in love with Barbados after a week there and I hope to return one day soon. When I do, I’ll certainly add more recommendations to this post. 🙂

Note: I visited Barbados for a series of business meetings, however, I got to experience the island thanks to the wonderful hospitality of Tourism Barbados. That said, all views shared above are mine, and mine only.

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  • I was born in Barbados, but grew up in New York City. I was back there in August 2018. Have land left by grand parents, and plenty relatives. After recovering from my surgery I will be going there for about 4 month to relax and enjoy my island once again. I now live in Milwaukee Wisconsin, and want to promote the island to the people here. So their can go, spend money, eat, drink and have a good time.

  • Hi Cecilia,
    I’m a big fan of street food for exactly the reason you mentioned. Hope you get to visit Barbados one day. It’s definitely one of my favourite islands in the Caribbean.


  • I’m glad you mention street food. That is always my #1 thing to do while I am traveling. It is such a great ..and delicious…way to connect with the local culture. Barbados looks beautiful and I hope to visit one day!

  • I recommend staying in the Holetown area, where you’ll find stunning beaches and a wonderful boardwalk for strolling. You’ll love dining at the excellent cafes, beach bars and world-class restaurants. Holetown is right on the main bus route so you can easily get out to explore the island.

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  • Another place to add on my travel list..such a lovely and relaxing place. Hope I can visit one day!

  • Hi Bryson,
    I’m glad you think so! I had a fantastic time in Barbados and hoped my post would sufficiently reflect that. The Coral Reef Beach Club is indeed a fabulous place, and I loved the chill vibes at La Cabane (and great food).


  • Impressive, you touched on the very best Barbados has to offer. The Coral Reef Beach Club is a luxerious place to stay and the La Cabane looks like a fun night out.

  • Haha! Rum and Rihanna indeed! It’s such a gorgeous island with warm, welcoming people. Absolutely loved it there!


  • […] Hunte’s Gardens is a tropical garden in the heart of Barbados (map). This lush garden, roughly 3 acres in size, is packed to the brim with towering royal palms, bromeliad, anthurium, ginger plants and a plethora of other colourful tropical plants. It’s a beautiful place for a tranquil stroll to enjoy the greenery and listen to the birds. The gardens were created by Anthony Hunte in a collapsed cave and were opened to the public in 2007. After my visit, I had nothing but admiration and respect for his (and his team’s) dedication and hard work to create this enchanting place. The result of his labour of love is awe-inspiring, making a visit to Hunte’s Gardens, one of my recommended things to do in Barbados! […]

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