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Why I prefer to travel with hand luggage only

Anyone who has ever travelled with me knows that I always travel light, in most cases, with only a carry-on bag. If I can swing it, I’ll travel with hand luggage only for a faster, stress-free experience. Checking in a bag means you can carry more with you and you don’t have to lug your […]

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Easy international data roaming for travellers

Staying connected as we travel has never been easier. Travellers can choose from a variety of options; from subscribing to international data roaming plans to purchasing local/global SIM cards or a wifi device, or simply making use of wifi connections at hotels, cafés and restaurants. Each option has its pros and cons. International data roaming […]

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How to be a better, more responsible tourist

This little story in the news caught my eye recently: a tourist was arrested in Myanmar for pulling the plug of an amplifier that was broadcasting a monk’s sermon because it was disturbing his sleep. It’s something that we’re sadly seeing more of each year: tourists being disrespectful to people, local customs, traditions and rules, […]

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The high-speed ICE train hits more than 300km/h in Germany.

Rail away in Europe

There’s just something special about travelling by train. The rhythmic sounds and motion, the scenery that whizzes by, the other travellers you meet along the way, and pulling into the heart of a city make train travel anywhere a unique experience. With its dense network of railways and high number of frequencies, train travel in […]

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Me and my J-Pillow. Notice my happy face. ;-)

How to sleep well on a plane

Sleeping on a plane was never something I could do well. I could cope with the noise from the engines and the dry air in the cabin, and I would often take a mild sleeping pill on flights longer than ten hours, but even then, I would wake up each time my head tipped forward […]

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The perfect flight experience

Imagine your perfect flight experience. No crowded airport terminals and queues. The plane is just a few steps away from your chauffeur-driven limousine, and when you board, you’re greeted by your name and you have no trouble finding your seat because you can choose to sit wherever you want. During the flight, you can work […]

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How to Flylite

Ok, I’m standing at the gate with my carry-on bag, waiting to board my flight when an airline staff approaches me. After a quick check, I’m told that my bag is a tad too big and I have to check it in… and there’s a fee for that. I would then argue that I’ve used […]

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What’s your travel style?

When I left my career in corporate and investment banking in 2008, my primary goal was to spend some time on ‘me’. I was tired and I felt somewhat out of touch with myself. I decided to embark on a five-month (predominantly) solo round-the-world trip. In a sense, I used that trip to grow; I […]

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Ten tips to stay healthy and fit while travelling

A guest post by U Mei Teh (a.k.a. @cikipedia) and a few extra tips thrown in by Keith. You’ve been travelling 30 hours straight from one corner of the planet to the other and the last thing you want to do, is to hit the gym. Jet lag is weighing you down like a tonne […]

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Travel safe – a lesson learned

One of travel ‘s greatest virtues is its power to teach and open our eyes, sometimes, to the most obvious things. It also has the power to serve us reminders of long-forgotten lessons and make us appreciate those who are dear to us. This is one such incident. An eye-opening incident I was out on […]

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