The serene Ljubljanica River and Ljubljana Castle.

Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia and is situated along the banks of the Ljubljana River more or less in the centre of the country. Ljubljana (and Slovenia, for that matter) had been on my list of places to visit for a long time and when the opportunity presented itself, I grabbed it! After several days there, I was smitten! This little city, with just under 300,000 inhabitants, is absolutely charming, and despite its diminutive size, boasts a vibrant cultural and culinary scene. There are lots of things to do in Ljubljana – from simply strolling around the historic city centre, to admiring its eclectic architecture and indulging in its culinary treats! Check out my video guide on what to do in Ljubljana below:

Quick list of what to do in Ljubljana

  1. Stroll around the historic city centre (a pedestrian zone) and explore the surrounding neighbourhoods
  2. Admire the eclectic architectural styles, from the Communist era to Art Nouveau
  3. Dine or relax at one of the many alfresco cafés/restaurants, many of which can be found along the river
  4. Watch a street performance. From classical to pop and folk music, there’s something for everyone
  5. Browse around the outdoor and indoor markets
  6. Visit Metelkova City, a district full of colourful street art. At night, the district comes alive with numerous bars, cafés and dance clubs
  7. See the city from the Ljubljana River
  8. Try typical Slovenian food and wines. Don’t miss the Open Kitchen Market in the summer!
  9. Visit Ljubljana Castle
  10. Head up to Neboticnik (Skyscraper) for terrific views of the city. Don’t miss the stunning spiral staircase to the right of the foyer on the ground floor.

I absolutely enjoyed my stay and I’ll definitely return to enjoy this city once again. Read my post about things to do in Ljubljana.

Chilling along the banks of the Ljubljanica River with a view of the Cathedral.

What to do around Ljubljana

I recommend spending at least a few days in Ljubljana, then exploring the Slovenian countryside, other attractions in Slovenia such as the Julian Alps, Lake Bled and the Slovenian Adriatic coast. You can also opt to head north into Austria and combining your visit to Ljubljana with another fabulous city: Graz, Austria’s second-largest city. Graz is well-connected with Ljubljana by frequent bus and train services. Read about things to do in Graz.

Ljubljana has an international airport that is well-connected to major cities across Europe. Within Slovenia, a wide train and bus network ensures travelling is easy and comfortable. You can also opt to rent a car and explore this beautiful country at your own pace.

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  • Thanks for your comment! Yes, I’ve heard of that prison, which has been converted into a hostel. Sounds intriguing.


  • Ljubljana, the capital of Solvenia has a lot of things to do their.You can eat yummy and tasty food,can do cycling at very low rate.Ljubljana has a converted military prison where cells are moulded into special works of arts.

  • […] Get a bird’s-eye view of the capital Ljubljana from the tower of it’s own medieval castle. The city is a true architectural jewel where Art Nouveau, Baroque and Post-modernism mix. As you walk around the narrow streets of the Austrian-style old centre and say a prayer in a Gothic churche, prepare to meet the four fierce dragons guarding the Dragon Bridge. Read more about my experiences in Ljubljana or watch my video guide on what to do in Ljubljana. […]

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