Plane views: Innsbruck

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Innsbruck is the largest town and capital of the state of Tyrol in eastern Austria. Located in the heart of the Tyrolean Alps, the town sits serenely in the Inn Valley and is surrounded by dramatic peaks. I knew that a flight to Innsbruck would be spectacular if the weather was good and I hit the jackpot on my recent flight there! 🙂 The approach into Innsbruck was simply breathtaking! As the plane descended into Innsbruck, we flew past the German town of Garmisch and over the jagged peaks of the Alps. The awe-inspiring peaks contrasted sharply with the lush green valleys far below. The plane flew in an ‘S’ curve, following the curves of the Inn Valley, providing us with stunning views of the patchwork of fields in the shadow of the mountains. Take a look:


We passed several towns in Germany before entering Austrian airspace


Formidable mountains and gorgeous valleys


The verdant valleys of the Alps


Stunning Alpine scenery from the air


The Inn Valley and Innsbruck in the back (behind the runway)



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  1. Nancy & Shawn Power 30/09/2011 10:30 am

    Great pics. So beautiful!

    Nancy & Shawn

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