Dubrovnik is an historic, walled town near the southernmost tip of Croatia. The town can trace its roots back to the 7th century AD and at its pinnacle in the 15th and 16th centuries, Dubrovnik rivalled Venice in terms of trade and wealth. These days, Dubrovnik (map) is a popular destination for travellers from around the world who come to admire its historic monuments and wander around its maze of atmospheric lanes. On my recent trip there, the plane (from Amsterdam) flew past Croatia’s Dalmatian coastline, with its many islands, cliffs, inlets and bays, before landing in Dubrovnik. I sat on the left side of the plane (row ‘A’) and the plane window view of Dubrovnik was simply phenomenal!

The plane flew past the town of Neum, which is the only seaside town in and main maritime access point for Bosnia-Herzegovina on the country’s 20km Adriatic coastline, north of Dubrovnik.
On the approach into Dubrovnik, the plane flew along the Dalmatian coast with its mountains, cliffs and many bays and inlets. The small town at the far end of this bay is Slano.


View of Dubrovnik from a plane window

The suburbs of Dubrovnik soon came into view. The area behind the little beach and cove is the suburb of Lapad. In the middle-right of the photo is the suburb of Gruz, with its deep harbour – this is where all cruise ships and ferries to Italy and the neighbouring islands arrive/depart.
The historic Old Town with its imposing walls soon came into view. At the base of the communications tower atop the mountain is a viewpoint (you can get there by cable-car, or you can hike, or drive) with arguably the most spectacular views of Dubrovnik.
The spectacular aerial view of Dubrovnik from my plane window!
An aerial view of Dubrovnik – the walls can clearly be seen encircling the Old Town.

If you’re visiting Dubrovnik and flying from northern/western Europe, choose a seat on the left side of the plane (row ‘A’) and keep your fingers crossed for good weather and a northerly approach path! If you’re in Dubrovnik for the first time, don’t miss walking along its historic walls. And if you missed the view of Dubrovnik from the plane, don’t fret! Take the cable-car from just outside the Old Town to the top of the mountain – I recommend going either in the morning (before 11am) or in the late-afternoon. This is the view that’ll greet you:

The view of Dubrovnik from the mountain top.

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