Gosh! Another year comes to a close and another begins! 2014 was a wonderful travel year for me. I chalked up tens of thousands of miles, visiting twelve countries on five continents. In my New Year’s post at the start of 2014, I wrote:

I prefer to see each new year as a blank canvas, waiting to be filled with colour, beauty and inspiration. It’s up to me to create the best painting I can with all the tools I have. I’m very excited about the new year and I’m convinced my painting will be a stunner!

So what turned up on my “blank canvas”? Well, I didn’t exactly paint but when I gathered my travel photos from 2014 and created a collage, it turned out to be a “stunner” indeed!

My 2014 canvas of travels :-)
My 2014 canvas of travels 🙂

For me, 2014 was a fulfilling year, full of incredible travel experiences as well as challenges, triumphs, and moments of sadness and joy. I stepped out of my comfort zone on numerous occasions to try something new, such as learning to snowboard in Quebéc; and challenged my fear of heights by going canyoning and soaring in the sky in a microlight on Reunion Island. I tested my determination and skills to successfully organise my first conference (with lots of help from my friends), the Social Travel Summit. I felt the anguish after the downing of flight MH17 in Ukraine, an incident which strengthened my resolve to make every day count. Striking a good balance between my work and my personal life was a big theme for me this year and I did my best to make it happen, spending quality time with my loved ones at home in between my travels.

To everyone – my family, friends, colleagues, mentors and my readers – I THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for your enthusiasm, encouragement and love.

2014: My year of travel

Please scroll down for a list of related posts and photos from my year of travel (the sequence reflects the photos in the collage above, from top-left to right).

Mont Tremblant

Gran Canaria
The perfect winter getaway

Winter in Quebéc – Mont Tremblant and Montréal


Newcastle Upon Tyne, England.
The Brandenburg Gate, Berlin

Berlin, Germany

The Social Travel Summit, Leipzig, Germany
The historic Social Travel Summit

Rheingau, Germany
History and wine in Rheingau

Tulips in Holland

Tulips and sheep – beautiful eh?
A full-bodied Pinotage and jaw-dropping scenery in Stellenbosch.

South Africa

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Puglia, Italy
The treasures of Gallipoli

KLM Dakota DC3 flight
A flight back in time on a Dakota DC3

A majestic view of Piton de Neiges on reunion Island.

Reunion Island


My birthday

It was the best birthday ever! My two best friends visited me in Amsterdam to celebrate my birthday and we had the best time! Love you guys!
It was the best birthday ever! My two best friends visited me in Amsterdam to celebrate my birthday and we had the best time! Love you guys! This is us at the Kinderdijk windmills near Rotterdam.

Airbus A380 roll-out in Hamburg, Germany
Experiencing the Etihad Airways A380 roll-out

A colourful street in Quito.


Bologna and Modena, Italy

Sevilla, Spain

The Plaza de España now houses government offices and the Seville City Hall.

And in between my travels, I was home in Amsterdam, working, spending time with my family and taking pictures of my beloved city!

One of my favourite canals in Amsterdam at twilight.

And that was my 2014!

Here’s wishing you a HAPPY, HEALTHY and SUCCESSFUL 2015!

What will be on your canvas in 2015?

Cheers and lots of hugs,

Keith 🙂

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  • You are a true traveler in real sense. Love the way you explore places.When you are going to visit India.

  • What an amazing year in travel, very jealous! Loved the collage too

  • Happy new year…and truly inspired by all your beautiful pictures! Love love the photo of the sheep with tulips in Amsterdam. I was there in spring 2014 but never seen that view at all. It must be your keen eye for beautiful scenery.

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  • Love those snaps. It will definitely inspire people to travel more and more. I love to travel a lot. Don’t think much… pack my backpack, book my tickets and get ready to travel.

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