I published a post a while ago about ten airports to book a window seat for. I chose those ten airports because of the amazing window seat views one can enjoy either before landing or after take-off. Many of my readers suggested other airports so here’s Part Two: another ten airports to book a window seat for! 🙂

Cape Town, South Africa

If you’re flying into Cape Town on a day flight, be sure to book a window seat. On a clear day, you’ll be treated to stunning views of Table Bay, False Bay, the city and of course Table Mountain!

An aerial view of Cape Town from the approach into Cape Town International Airport.
On my recent visit to Cape Town, I was treated to this unbelievable view of Table Mountain piercing through the thick cloud cover moments after take-off.

London, England

Flying into London Heathrow and London City are the best ways to get a breathtaking aerial view of the city. If you’re (un)lucky, the plane might be put in a holding pattern as it awaits a landing slot at London Heathrow or City. The beautiful 360-degree views of London would more than compensate for this annoyance.

A view of a misty London on the approach into London City Airport. The Thames River and the London Eye can clearly be seen.

Paris, France

Paris is another candidate. Paris Charles de Gaulle is a bit far from the city centre but you might still be able to see the skyline of Paris in the distance. Paris Orly is closer and has better views on both landings and take-offs.

view of paris from a plane photo
The view of Paris from my plane window.

Innsbruck, Austria

This town in Tirol, Austria, is surrounded by massive snowcapped mountains. Flying in on a clear day is an amazing experience as the plane navigates past the peaks and valleys. Check out flying into Innsbruck in summer and winter.

Chains of mountains in the Austrian Alps

Punta Arenas, Chile

The route from Santiago to Punta Arenas, the gateway to Patagonia in Chile is one of the most spectacular I’ve ever flown. The route follows the path of the Andes mountains and during the entire flight (on a clear day), passengers will be wowed by incredible views of the mountains, glaciers, fjords and volcanoes! Patagonia is one of the top places to visit in Chile.

Seeing Volcan Osorno and the Lakes region in Central Chile from 30,000ft!

Seattle, USA

One of my favourite routes is along the western coast of North America (e.g. San Francisco to Seattle or Vancouver, BC or Vancouver, BC/Seattle to Portland, OR). Along the way, you’ll have absolutely jaw-dropping views of the Cascade Range and the various world-famous volcanoes like Mt. Rainier (near Seattle) and Mt. St. Helens (between Seattle and Portland, OR).

Flying past Mount St. Helens.

Livingstone, Zambia

Many people fly to Livingstone to visit the nearby Victoria Falls. If you’re flying in from the south (e.g. Johannesburg), you’ll have a terrific panoramic view of the Zambezi River, the canyons and the Victoria Falls.

Aerial view of Victoria Falls

Geneva, Switzerland

This city in the westernmost corner of Switzerland is situated on the shores of Lake Geneva and is surrounded by the mighty Alps. On a clear day, you’ll be able to admire the many Alpine peaks including Mont Blanc, the highest peak in the Alps.

On one of my trips to Geneva, I caught this view of Mont Blanc (the highest peak of the mountains above the clouds) as the plane took off.

Barcelona, Catalonia

Chances are good that you’ll have a great overview of Barcelona before landing. Look closely and you’ll spot some of the Barcelona’s most famous landmarks such as the Sagrada Familia church. You’ll also pass the city’s lovely beaches, the harbourfront with the sail-shaped W Hotel and Montjuic (site of the 1992 Barcelona Olympics). Read about things to do in Barcelona.

Port Vell: Barcelona’s cruise and ferry terminal. The brown towers of the Sagrada Familia can be spotted in the top right.

Napoli, Italy

Napoli (Naples) is another great airport to fly into. If you’re lucky (and flying from the south), you’ll pass the gorgeous Amalfi Coast and you’ll be treated to amazing views of Capri. Closer to Naples, you won’t miss Mount Vesuvius, which famous buried the nearby city of Pompeii.

An amazing view of Mount Vesuvius after take-off from Naples.

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  • Great suggestion here ! I’d say book a window seat when you’re travelling…

  • I would say book a Window seat in general when you travel . But great list , thanks for the compilation

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  • Love the view out the window when flying through Patagonia … it is a priceless sight to behold!

  • Hi Ethiopian Airlines,
    I’m sure if the weather is clear, every plane flying in/out of Kili will offer fabulous views of the mountain. 🙂 I flew into and out of Kili once and didn’t get to see the mountain unfortunately, just the bottom fifth of the mountain. The rest was clouded up.


  • I was hoping to see Kilimanjaro on the list of “book a window seat” Ethiopian Airlines gives a fabulous view of Mount Kilimanjaro just after take off…

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