Whitehaven Beach (map) is a stunning stretch of pure white sand on the Whitsunday Islands, just off the coast of Queensland, Australia. The Whitsundays are often touted as some of the most beautiful islands in the world and I wouldn’t disagree. Pristine white sandy beaches line the islands whilst the jungle-clad interior is home to unique flora and fauna. Under the crystal-clear waters lie the Great Barrier Reef, an awe-inspiring natural wonder that’s a majestic display of colourful corals and amazing marine life.

The colours are simply amazing!

Whitehaven Beach is truly enchanting. The beach forms a wide arc with an inlet on one end, with sand so white, you’ll need your sunnies to protect your eyes from the glare. The sea is an astounding spectrum of turquoise and blue. The sand on the beach is quite extraordinary. It’s said to be 99.9% silica, some of which was used to make the lens on the Hubble telescope. The sand, which always feels cool even on a hot day, has a very compact structure, kind of like moist salt, and when you walk on it, the sound of each footstep is similar to the barks of seals. Blue-spotted stingrays, baby sharks and schools of colourful fish can often be seen swimming close to the shoreline.

The water is crystal clear.

The beach is perfect to just laze around with a good book. Or you could go for a stroll or a swim, admire the breathtaking colours or feel totally blessed by the silky touch of the warm waters. While in the water, grab a handful of the pure, clean sand and give yourself a good body and face scrub. Whitehaven Beach will have you spell-bound in no time!

A gull standing on the white sand.

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