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I’d just spent eight amazing days in Jordan but there was one more awesome treat in store for me as I boarded my flight from Amman to Amsterdam. I was seated in row ‘A’ and minutes after the plane took off (in a westerly direction), the East Bank of the Dead Sea came into view. The mountains I’d driven across just a few days earlier looked surreal in the early morning light. The plane window view of the Dead Sea and Israel were incredible!

The mountains and the town of Madaba on the East Bank of the Dead Sea.

The plane took off from Amman, Jordan, and continued its course across the northern flank of the Dead Sea. I spotted the Mövenpick Dead Sea Resort where I’d stayed and enjoyed the wonders of floating in the Dead Sea.

Flying across the Dead Sea

A few moments later, the plane crossed into the airspace of the West Bank, passing Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

Aerial views of the West Bank
Cities on the West Bank

The Mediterranean coast appeared soon enough, reminding me how narrow Israel is (the country is slightly more than 100km wide). We flew right above the international airport of Tel Aviv before passing the city, Jaffa and its beaches.

The airport and suburbs of Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv and Old Jaffa

Needless to say, the views were spectacular! 🙂

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