mauritius lagoon aerial view

Mauritius is an island nation in the Indian Ocean, situated east of the African continent. Famous as a honeymoon destination, undeniably because of its glorious beaches and stunning resorts, Mauritius is largely surrounded by lagoons that protect it from the pounding surf and strong currents. On my first visit to Mauritius, I was just blown away by the lagoons, specifically the striking palette of turquoise and aquamarine, the crystal-clear water and the blindingly white beaches. I’ve been there several times since and I’m always amazed by the aerial views of Mauritius from the plane window. Seeing Mauritius from a plane window, be it an airliner or a flight tour, is one of the most unforgettable things to do in Mauritius! Scroll down to read about what you can expect to see and where to sit on the plane for the best views of Mauritius.

The views of the beaches and lagoon are just astounding!

Aerial views of Mauritius from a plane window

If you’re flying into Mauritius from the northwest (e.g. Europe) during the northern hemisphere’s autumn/winter months, I recommend sitting on the right side of the plane for morning views of the lagoons and the iconic Le Morne mountain, a top attraction in southwest Mauritius. Sitting on the left (row ‘A’) will provide you with views of the west coast and the capital, Port Louis. Unfortunately, flying in from Europe during the north’s summer months means you’ll probably land in the dark, early-morning hours.

On the final approach, you’ll see the rolling countryside, with its expansive sugarcane plantations and villages, framed by the jagged peaks of low mountain ranges, remnants of Mauritius’ volcanic past.

plane window view mauritius
The view of Le Morne mountain in the southwest corner of Mauritius.
aerial view mauritius le morne
As the plane enters the final approach, the mountains make way for plantations and villages.
mauritius countryside view
Villages and sugarcane plantations in the countryside right before touchdown.

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Where to sit on the plane when departing Mauritius

A friend of mine and fellow blogger, Bo, recently took some stunning photos of the lagoons right after take-off from Mauritius. He sat on the left side of the plane (row ‘A’), which is the side I would recommend (read Bo’s Air Mauritius flight review). For those flying back to London or Paris, unfortunately, those flights depart in the late-evening.

If you’re flying to neighbouring Réunion Island, I recommend sitting on the right side of the plane for views of the southwestern coast, including Le Morne mountain and the surrounding lagoons.

mauritius lagoon aerial view
Aerial view of the southern lagoons of Mauritius. The island in the lagoon is the Ile aux Aigrettes nature reserve (image courtesy of Bo Saldana).
mauritius coast plane window view
Awesome plane view of Mauritius! (Image courtesy of Bo Saldana)
mauritius view from air
Mauritius is almost completely surrounded by lagoons, with access to the open ocean in some parts. (Image courtesy of Bo Saldana)

Seeing Mauritius on a flight tour

A helicopter tour of Mauritius is the best way to see the lagoons from the air if you missed seeing them from the plane. As you fly at a lower altitude, you’ll spot many landmarks as you zip along the coast. Read more about my Mauritius helicopter tour.

Blue Bay seen from a helicopter tour.
The beach views are just incredible.
Fishermen in the crystalline lagoon.
mauritius lighthouse lagoon
The old lighthouse on Ile aux Fouquets at the edge of the lagoon.

A helicopter tour can easily be booked via the concierge at Mauritius luxury hotels or local travel agents. You can also check out Air Mauritius Helicopter services.

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