Plane views: Rotterdam

Rotterdam is the main port of the Netherlands and is the country’s second largest city after Amsterdam. It’s also one of the world’s largest ports. Located at the mouth of the Rhine-Meuse-Scheldt delta, Rotterdam is often called the “Gateway to Europe” as it handles a large percentage of cargo to and from Europe. The city was heavily bombed during the Second World War but today boasts world-class museums, a vibrant cultural scene and excellent examples of contemporary architecture. On a recent flight from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, the plane flew right across Rotterdam. The weather was clear, making it possible to take some great aerial shots of the city and its port.

The first two photos are an overview of Rotterdam and the port from the air.

I managed to zoom into the Rotterdam city centre. The city’s iconic Erasmus bridge, with its shiny double-footed steel mast, can clearly be seen.

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7 Responses to “Plane views: Rotterdam”

  1. Donklaus 23/04/2013 9:40 am


    I took some videoshots of the harbour from above.

    Best regards, DK

  2. Tyler 09/08/2011 9:55 pm

    Amazing photos! My business partner, Greg Dicum, wrote these “Window Seat” books:

    Now we’re doing this — online, in-flight, location-based content & entertainment:
    (We can’t track flights in Europe yet, just N. America, but stay tuned.)

  3. velvet 07/08/2011 12:09 pm

    A camera. LOL! Just kidding! I use a Canon G11.


  4. Shanen 07/08/2011 3:03 am

    Wow! Great shots from the airplane window with that zoom. The landscape looks fantastic from this view. If you don’t mind me asking- what did you take the photo with?

  5. Bob Crunch 04/08/2011 7:00 pm

    Those are some awesome photos. Great post!

  6. velvet 03/08/2011 5:26 pm

    Thanks Jay for your comment. I live in Amsterdam, about an hour’s drive away from Rotterdam. Been there several times and love the harbourfront. Great (experimental) architecture too!


  7. Jay 03/08/2011 4:02 pm

    Used to live in Rotterdam. You should visit it on the ground some time. Great city.

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