Sabah is a Malaysian state that occupies the northern corner of the island of Borneo. Blessed with superb white sandy beaches and coral islands, and large tracts of virgin tropical rainforests, Sabah is a nature lovers paradise. Sabah is also the home of Mount Kinabalu, at 4,095 meters, the highest peak in Southeast Asia; the orangutans; and some of the most stunning diving sites in the world.

Mount Kinabalu

I was born here, in the state capital Kota Kinabalu to be precise, but my family moved to Kuala Lumpur when I was still a baby. My earliest memories of Sabah are of my school holidays there: noisy dinners with our relatives, fun picnics on the beach, day-trips to the Mount Kinabalu National Park and boat trips to the nearby islands. On my more recent trips, I got to see more of Sabah. One particular trip I truly enjoyed included a visit to the Orangutan Sanctuary in Sepilok and the Kinabatangan river safari. Indeed, there are many things to do in Sabah, from discovering its natural attractions and pristine beaches to indulging in its glorious cuisine.

Sabah State Mosque in Kota Kinabalu (image by Wikimedia Commons).
The glorious sands of Mantanani Island, north of Kota Kinabalu.
Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary

Sabah video

So, I was really excited when several bloggers friends of mine and a videographer visited Sabah. It was great to see Sabah through their eyes and I was thrilled when they discovered its amazing nature, delicious food and lovely people. Oh, and not to mention, the most glorious sunsets! The video is a romantic journey around Sabah and, in my opinion, beautifully captures the romance of Sabah. Check out the Sabah video below:

It’s been a while since my last trip back to Sabah. Watching this video sure brought back great memories. Think it’s time I planned another trip back to Sabah, where I was born!

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  • Amazing video and Fantastic sunset in Kota Kinabalu. its really nice thanks for sharing “keith jenkins”

  • Great place and awesome video. Would love to visit this beautiful place some day.

  • The videos is really fantastic with all the details, nature and atmosphere. Sabah is a piece of heaven!

  • Thanks George! Yes, I’m in awe of the work they do at the Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary! Sure makes you want to adopt an orangutan. 🙂


  • An enticing video! And it sounds like you had lots of fun enjoying the nature of Sabah on your school holidays as a child. Janice was blown away meeting the orangutans at the Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary when on an Asia cruise several years ago – they do such a good job there rehabilitating the orangutans and preparing them to live in the wild again.

  • I didn’t realize you were from Sabah – which to date is one of my absolute favorite places on earth. I had the good fortune of spending a month in Malaysia a couple of years ago and ten days were in Sabah – enough to give me a taste but not enough to satisfy me. The most glorious sunset photos I have of anywhere were taken in Sabah. The food was fantastic, the people incredibly welcoming, and the wildlife extraordinary. Of course I do want to see Sarawak as well but… I have a feeling I’ll be waylaid by Sabah again.

  • Beautiful! From what I understand, Sabah is such a nice place. I have visited that place once together with my family and i remember we had a great time in Kota Kinabalu.

  • I thought you made the video! Well no matter.. same difference.. Malaysia is stunning of course! What’s there not to love:)

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