The Robinson Crusoe Inn is situated in the Chilean port city of Valparaiso (‘Valpo’), approximately 120 kilometers west of Santiago. The inn is perched on a hillside in the rustic neighbourhood of Cerro Bellavista and boasts a truly breathtaking view of the city, the port and Valparaiso’s harbour. The inn’s rather ramshackle exterior forms a sharp contrast with its interior – the eclectic collection of French, Spanish and Portuguese-style furniture, maritime-themed ornaments and creaky wooden floors will keep you fascinated for days! The rooms vary in size and some have fantastic views of the city and the harbour, though the two large rooms adjacent to the breakfast area/lounge have terraces with the best, uninterrupted views. The inn also serves a wonderful breakfast each morning, though the view will be getting most of your attention!

Central hallway

The inn is just a short stroll away from the open-air museum with its gorgeous, brightly-coloured houses and amazing murals. There’s also a funicular just a few minutes away which takes visitors direct into downtown Valpo. However, there aren’t that many restaurants in the Cerro Bellavista neighbourhood – I found the best restaurants in the Cerro Conception and Cerro Alegre neighbourhoods, a short taxi ride away.

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A colourful street in Valparaiso

Valpo is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site and it’s not difficult to see why. It’s easily one of the most colourful and atmospheric cities I’ve ever visited. The old cobble-stone streets are lined by houses that are painted in a multitude of bright colours whilst many walls are adorned with fascinating murals. The 19th century system of funicular railways works miraculously and are deservedly an attraction in their own right.

The funicular railway in Valparaiso

Visitors can also opt to take a harbour cruise to see the city’s resident seal population and to admire the view of the city’s many hills and colourful patchwork of houses. Valpo is certainly a must-visit for anyone planning a trip to Chile!

Read about the murals of Valparaiso.

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  • Hi Wil,
    Thanks for your comment. It certainly was a bright place. I especially loved the breakfast/lounge area on the top floor. Beautiful furniture and the views were amazing.


  • Wow, you really get around! I wish I had the time and money to travel a lot. Being in Geneva has been awesome because it’s dead in the center of Europe (mutually inconvenient to get anywhere!), but Chile is a stretch…

  • I’m certain you’ll get that golden opportunity one day to go on a long, faraway trip. I had mine last year (five months, round-the-world). When that opportunity presents itself, grab it with both hands! 🙂

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