A340-600 - Courtesy of

A340-600 - Courtesy of

Most travellers have a favourite airline or airport, even a favourite type of aircraft. As a frequent flyer, I’ve become a huge fan of Airbus planes. My favourite aircraft is still the Airbus A340 series (I have yet to fly with the A380). I love its sleek structure, the curvy wings and its spacious cabin that’s incredibly quiet. The aircraft also feels very steady when there’s turbulence. My brother, who’s a pilot, would disagree with me. He currently flies the A340 but I’m sure he’ll switch any day for Boeing’s 777 series. Pilots of course have a different view of an aircraft than the passengers in the back. I once had a discussion with a pilot about the difference between piloting Airbus and Boeing planes. He said that flying Boeing planes can be compared to driving a Formula One car whilst Airbus planes were more like limousines. He even went so far as to suggest that Boeing planes were more masculine and Airbus planes more feminine by nature – he argued that pilots use more strength to fly Boeing planes while Airbus planes, with their touch sensitive gear, only required a gentle touch. I thought that was fascinating.

Do you have a particular favourite? If yes, which aircraft is it and why?

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  • Hi John,
    Thanks for your comment. I agree with you, the A380 is one of the most fuel-efficient and cleanest planes provided it transports the number of passengers it was built for. I had the ‘audacity’ (?) to suggest the A380 as a possibility for low-cost long-haul carriers (if that model works). See: A380: A White Elephant?

  • I think those with the least production of carbon dioxide per passenger kilometer. Currently the Airbus A380 if set up more for Economy Class than Business.

  • You know, I really don’t mind which aircraft, providing it gets me to my destination on time, and its comfortable. The airlines make a big difference to passenger experience by providing a good customer service – something that we are seeing less of nowadays as they cut costs.

  • I certainly have a *least* favourite plane. Anything with engines at the back just looks wrong (and makes your ears bleed, as anyone who has hopped over to AMS at the wrong end of a Fokker will tell you).

    I love the Dash 8 – elegant, quick to load, bright and airy.

    Would be nice to get the chance to compare the A380 at some point.

  • I’d take the Boeing over Airbus. I’d agree Airbus is probably better for passengers than a Boeing. But as a pilot I’d like the controls that I can feel (Boeing), rather than a side stick/ joystick which gives no feedback (Airbus). Also, dangerous problems plagued the early Airbus 320s, where the computer would not allow the pilot what he wanted to do. There are many cases of this, but the most notable to me is the Airbus 320 crash at the Paris airshow.

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