December 2017. A series of blizzards cloaked Amsterdam for two days earlier this week. The last time it snowed this much was in the winter of 2013 – a winter that seemed to go on forever! The past few winters in Amsterdam were relatively mild and very wet so people were understandably excited when it started to snow last Sunday. It wreaked havoc on traffic and public transport but for those in the city, it made for a wondrous winter experience! Amsterdam is such a beautiful city but when it snows, the city is transformed into a simply magical place. I went on several walks around the city centre and I was just mesmerised by the gorgeous winter scenes in Amsterdam. Check out my photos below:

A snowy winter in Amsterdam

It started snowing heavily on Sunday afternoon. De Waag (castle) at Nieuwmarkt square looked like a fairy tale.
Scooters and bicycles covered in snow.
Bicycles in the snow.
The Kloveniersburgwal canal with its historic drawbridge.

It stopped snowing on Sunday evening but the next day, Amsterdam was hit by another blizzard.

On Monday afternoon, it started to snow again. First lightly…
… then, in heaps!
And it didn’t ease for a moment!
The ice-skating rink at the Museumplein (square) looked gorgeous in the snow!
The ice-skating rink is a favourite among both locals and visitors. The iconic Rijksmuseum provides a stunning backdrop.
Snowmen popped up everywhere!

That evening, I went for a walk along the Amsterdam canals and the winter scenes were simply enchanting! I couldn’t help but take lots of photos of snow-covered bicycles! Haha!

The Spiegelgracht (canal) lined by trees decorated with festive lights.
Bicycles in the snow along the Reguliersgracht (canal).
My favourite shot is of this bicycle on a bridge. 🙂
More bicycles in the snow! 🙂
Every December, the canals are the decor for artworks by artists from around the world for the Amsterdam Light Festival. This laser installation at the Herengracht canal lit up the falling snow!
A swan in the Groenburgwal canal – and there’s a cute snowman on the bench.
I ended my walk at the Nieuwmarkt. It was close to midnight and the blizzard had finally eased.

Everything turned to slush the following day as the sun shone brightly but it sure was a memorable two days! The winter scenes in Amsterdam were absolutely gorgeous!

The sun shone brightly the next day and the snow soon disappeared. This is the Westerkerk (church).

Check out my photo essays of past winters in Amsterdam. Read about my weekend of indulgence in Amsterdam.

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  • Haha! Amsterdam is a fun city – I LOVE it! There’s always something to do and see, new places to discover, great events to attend, etc.. It’s seldom dull.


  • what a beautifull pics Keith wow! hopefully more snow will come 😉 (already saw a daffodill (?) blooming tday)

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