What: Fine-dining at & Samhoud Places

Where: Oosterdokskade 5, Amsterdam

Samhoud Places Amsterdam

Notes: I still don’t quite get the name but Amsterdam’s latest fine-dining establishment, just a stone’s throw away from the Central Station and the Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam, is already making waves in the city’s gastronomic scene. Headed by Chef Moshik, it’s clear that Samhoud Places has great aspirations. He effortlessly combines mouth-watering flavours with eye-catching flamboyance, making a meal here an experience that tantalises the senses.

The restaurant comprises two floors: a bar/lounge on the street level and a restaurant upstairs. The lounge – I love the interior –  is a great place to unwind with a cocktail. A stunning staircase leads guests to the restaurant. Once upstairs, you’ll be awed by the gorgeous view of Amsterdam, framed by large windows. I chose to sit at the bar counter which offers front row seats for the culinary performances in the kitchen. I loved how the chefs kept signalling to me that they were preparing my next course and showed me how it’s done.

The lounge
The bar
The stunning staircase!
The chefs pose for the camera
The restaurant, with the bar counter that faces the kitchen

I was served six absolutely mesmerising courses, most of which had a seafood theme. The flavours were delicate and beautifully balanced whilst the intriguing presentation of each course completed the experience. My favourite course was the carpaccio of langoustine. Subtle but oh so delightful! It was quite a pity though that the unusually-shaped cutlery felt strange in my hands.

A fascinating view into the kitchen
A delicate amuse
The gorgeous carpaccio
One course on top of the other!

Eating here is not cheap but if you’re looking for some culinary indulgence in Amsterdam, Samhoud Places is more than worth a try.

Update: November 2012 – Congratulations to Samhoud Places for receiving two Michelin stars!

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Note: a big thank you goes to Mövenpick Hotels for arranging my visit to Samhoud Places.


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